Wednesday 14 May 2014

'nids part 135 - Yet more WiPs of Lictors and Zoanthropes

Blues and washeson the Zoie. He was mising a dorsal vent that I dropped on the floor and it disappeared into the Warp so I just decided to do without. I always like being at this stage of the paint scheme, with the washes done it's the striations next. I may not always enjoy doing them but getting that stage feels like the job is progressing well, particularly with the bases being painted in advance now.

So two striation highlights, claws, two bonewhite highlights and the fleshy bits and this baby is done. It's nowhere near the finish line but for some reason it just feels roudn the corner. I'd decided to do his brain glowing green and if I ever got a third have it glowing yellow but if you think I should keep it just fleshy pink like the 'Doom of Ferron Proxima' let me know.

The reclamation pit will have green slime like the Capillary Towers, hopefully the pin won't be too noticable. Unfortunately the first lot of super glue didn't hold it so I had to add some more in which as you can see came out a bit bulky but it's on the underneath so will be hidden a bit.

How the base should look when its finished.


The Lictor has also continued at the same pace.

I will proxy him as Deathleaper.

So, I had both these models and my Venomthrope and Carnifex all at the same stage. Last night I put down all the first set of Turquoise striation on the Carnifex, about 90 to 100 minutes. I'm hoping to do the other three models in an hour then my next hobby stint may be some Dark Angels to break up the Xeno-centric and do what is, afterall, my purpose these few months.


  1. Love these progress shots. I always get extremely excited after the washes hit. Painting with a planned wash stage usually makes a model look bland right before the wash...then POW. Suddenly looks amazing!

    The brain case is particularly well done on this guy!

    1. I agree Greg, the first time I saw washes being used I could believe how well they worked on 'nids. It had been about 12 years since I'd used Citadel inks which did not work the same way at all.

      I'm sure anyone could be happy with just a washed army, although I struggle not to keep adding more and more to them

  2. I have exactly the same problem.

    "I'm just going to paint these guys to table top standard"

    "Hmm...i'm just going to highlight the parts the wash dulled out"

    "Hmm this would look a bit better with some more contrast"

    "Oh look, I missed his belt buckle!"

    "I bet a glaze would help here"

    6 hours later....

    I guess that is part of the hobby. We wouldn't keep painting and adding detail if we didn't like doing it!

  3. The blues are really coming out nice.. it really has a .... glow.. hard to describe what I mean but it looks great. I hear ya.. I jump all over and sometimes I need that to keep me from losing it 8)