Tuesday 1 October 2013

Apocalypse WOW! 12,500pts of Armageddon - prelude to war

THAT friends is a Warlord Titan and THIS is some setup shots of my good buddies Liam, Ben and Otty's Apocalypse battle 2013

Liam brought his Crimson Fists and Imperial Guard to go up against my 4,003 and Otty's 8,500pts of Tyranids.

We used Otty's two beautiful snow boards, I swear to G.O.D. that there were times I could literally see the frost glittering in it. I was holding the right flank [with nothing 'Apocalyptic' at all, except for the Doom ;) ] against Ben who was using the Imperial Guard but with some Super Heavy Tank that's got a Vulcan Mega Bolter and was transporting a tonne of Orgyns and Commissar Yarrick.

Meanwhile on the left flank and most of the middle there was a green tide of nids including a Scythed Heirodule.

'Nancy', Otty's Bio Titan was set up in the middle and believe it or not the Warlord Titan was not taking part in the game, all it was there for was terrain! And to have both it's feet as objectives. The guys had decided that to run it in the game would have been pointless as it would have been nigh indestructible. And because of this ultimate flaw in it's use may be why Liam is looking to auction it on ebay. I'll certainly keep you all informed if this Titanic auction takes place!

Here's some more nids and Shrikes in the trees on the far left flank.

The Hormagaunts were raring to go.

And they had only a Fortress of Redemption and a wall of Land Raiders to overcome, seems doable.

Here, where you can see how we flocked the board to transition between Liam and Ben's tundra Battle Boards to Otty's winter world. We were so anal about this. There's all sorts of props and shims underneath this table to ensure there were as few disruptions to the playing field as possible. Not one single miniature was unpainted, they wouldn't even let me use my new unpainted Pyrovore as a Biovore proxy, instead I borrowed Otty's.

Here's a couple of pictures of the back of the Warlord.

And it's legs too. It's amazing how Liam was able to use sprue quite sparingly to break up the surfaces that belies how flat they are.

Screamer Killers ready to roll.

And from the front. The Mieotic Spore was one of three 'Spore Chimney' Strategic assets I chose that gave me Shrouded within 12" and pretty much was the only thinking keep me in the game, but Spoilers!

Here's the other Titan on show, Liam's scratchbuilt Warhound, which is beautiful and a Baneblade and a Shadowsword. They also took a Power Field generator as a strategic asset which meant we were unable to target them first turn :( 

A thing of rare beauty.

Liam's 'X-Wing' Storm Raven conversion. 

His Imperial Navy, erm, Scratchbuilt!!!

Yeah, this was my problem, do you think two Winged Tyrants, the Doom a Trygon Prime and 2 Spore Pods with 10 Devgaunts in each is going to end this?

Oh, I did have a Harpy!

Now that's a Storm Talon, this conversion is sweet, I think there's better pictures to come of it's twin though.

Anyway, that's just a taster of the forces on display. It took us 2.5hrs to set up on Saturday night, we started in anger at 9:30am and played on through to the Apocalyptic end at 9:10pm. Goodness knows how I will record what went on, and it may take a couple of posts. I have an idea of what my side was doing and a number of pics of Otty's side but I think the end result is irrelevant this is just pure hobby heaven so if the report makes no sense you'll enjoy the glorious flaming spectacle.


  1. Wow, great looking all around. Am particularly interested in how you did the snow board as we're doing the same with a realm of battle board here.

    1. From my chat with Otty on the day I think it was as simple as using a grey car primer and then a white, leaving the grey visible in some places. The drybrusing white in certain areas and presumable a thin wash of blue in others, I didn't get the details on that bit. I'll text Otty and see if he can furnish you with more details.