Saturday 19 October 2013

Golden Demon Awards 1991 and the origins of Ferron Proxima

A long while back I mentioned that I'd rediscovered a number of lost White Dwarf's going back decades. My Dad had helped me root out some stuff in the lost. It was a real treasure trove of stuff I new would be cool to share but never actually got round to it and now I wish I'd at least scanned them in so my blogging would be easier now I'm short on content. Anyway, there's a link to scanned copies of this Golden Demon awards 91, I went to this one, my parents took the caravan to Worksop and then deposited in Derby on the day and I trundled round getting so excited. I got Jes Goodwin to illustrate in my White Dwarf the banner symbol that denotes a Vibro-Cannon on an Eldar Phantom Titan [it was never included in the concept sketches and sadly I can't find that copy].

I also took part in the madness of the 'crazy prices' in the sale, I think that picture makes it easier to imagine the mayhem, particularly with all those blister pack racks and the staff above, the amount of packs that were mysteriously being removed from the bottom of the rack while people were reaching up to pay at the top. I saw it with my own eyes, goodness know how much stock was liberated! But the most important thing is the blasted Chaos Terrain of Skull Castle [what else would it be called?]

And here you can see the board that inspired me to go Red Planet decades later. Hopefully you can make out some white areas in the hills and on the field too - the mounds of bleached skeletons and rough area terrain that so captivated my attention. Hell it must have been good because all those 90's shell suits, garish colours and ridiculous haircuts are very distracting now!

Anyway, if you want to see the hi-res scans they're here:

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