Sunday 29 September 2013

'nids part 105 - magnetized Bonesabres / Boneswords

Bonesabres for the Swarmlord are complete [apart from some matt varnish]. I've done the gloss varnish and I must remember in future that less is more. Putting too thick a coat on seems like a good idea, I did want them to be super glossy and sharp looking but a thick coat of paint just makes them look a bit plastic. The varnish didn't dry properly in places too. 

Still, they turned out all right and I was happy with the Turquoise choice in the end thanks to Arnie's comments about sometimes deviating from the scheme can just backfire. The end result worked out really well and although close up the brush strokes are apparent it does convey the crystalline structure I was after and certainly from a distance it's spot on!

I was even reluctant to add on some orange highlights to the fleshy bits too as I thought the red was sufficient and adding more warmth/tones to them would have drawn the attention to those parts instead of the blades.

Anyway, whether I ever use them or not is another topic of discussion. We'll see how things go in the future.

All that's left to do now is to try to finish off the second pair of wings and Fleshborer Hives for the winged configuration. I've played a few games with them unfinished so I need to get them done before the paintwork is scuffed off.

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