Friday 25 October 2013

3 up - safe!

Another year under the belt and the blog is now 3! How did that happen? Without a doubt this has been the most successful yet, the blog goes from strength to strength, in no small part thanks to the continued support of the readers, followers and commenters. Thank you one and all for making this blog have a purpose.

Admittedly I've had a fair amount of decent content to share, mainly my Tyranid Bastion which managed to win best Fortification in it's first outing at Warhammer World. That trip in itself was the biggest success ever. Through my efforts to spread the word on various forums I answered a call from a complete stranger to pair up at Warhammer World. Not only did I take the Best Fortification prize, got nominated alongside my Battle Brother Dan for best army but we won all three games and game 2nd overall in 68 pairs. Best of all though it made me realise that there are great people out there and we all share a common interest and even if you've never met someone before you can have some really good fun thanks to the hobby.

I also came second in a local tournament and came away with my first tournament winnings - in cash [vouchers]! Paints too for best painted army. And lets not forget me and my buddies travelling for Throne of Skulls. Nor my win for Armies on Parade or even our Apocalypse battle! I'm also going to round out the year with another day tournament - Blog Wars 6, so that should be fun.

Granted the blog has suffered a little over the last month or but 'content is king' and my 'mojo issues' has meant a poor harvest for content. I'm currently beset by a number of more appealing distractions but I do have some great things planned so when I start back into it there's going to be some really cool stuff to share. As I approach two big milestones - 200 followers and 300,000 page hits I need to make sure I'm providing something worthy of the faith entrusted to date. That adds a certain amount of pressure and we know there's absolutely no point feeling uncomfortable blogging, afterall it should be fun or you shouldn't do it. But I've been here numerous times, short on content and with lacking in motivation and every time I've bounced back.

In the mean time remember I am open to any suggestions you may have, for the content you like most or content you'd like to see. Additionally I'm still on the lookout for other new blogs to share, I've a couple of beauties I've found that I know you'll love. Equally anyone wishing to share their efforts with my STCs or even show my their battle reports with my wound markers in use I'd love to see them. Here's to another 3 years!


  1. Hobby articles, batreps, random musings. Basically, I love what you do and just want more.

  2. Keep going! Your blog is one of my favourites, so just post different stuff you like:)