Friday 11 October 2013

suport your local blogger - decay-miniature-model-arts

I stumbled across this blog the other and I think I found something truly special with how decay has painted their Tyranids. They've managed to create something truly alien, there are a whole slew of colours going on here but they all seem to manage to hang together. Not only that they look like a semi-irridescent sheen that you would get on some insects so I really dig how that's been done. I was captivated by this picture first:

The metallic reds and blues with their satin/gloss finish makes it look like really hard chitin armour and then all the 'soft tissue' comes in bright pink and turquoise and then you have the bone talons. Awesome vibrancy, variety of finishes and techniques too.

Even the little gribblies get über detailed too. Check out the little yellow and orange markings, an extra colour that's added to the scheme and yet it still manages to work as a whole still.

And the variety continues with the genestealers

And these crazy different Mieotic Spores with their bleached colour scheme completely draining all the colour around it and yet still managing to fit within the colour scheme when you see them in the group shots.

One last pair of picture to tempt you over to the website is the crazy conversions, taking a Tyrannofex/Tervigon and Trygon kit and making two mad beasts out of instead of the perfectly serviceable but pedestrian original models:


All of the Tyranids are here:

And more step by steps under the Tyranid tag

And check out the white on this TAU:

Go check it out!


  1. Ohh wow Thanks Dude. Very kind words :) Will check out more on your Page ASAP.

    1. The pleasure is all mine, I haven't discovered a step-by-step painting guide of the nid's on your blog, is there one? Would be interesting to see how the effect is achieved.

  2. No Sorry, will do that next time. Shouldn't be to long, till we get some new Tyranids^^

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