Sunday 13 October 2013

What's on my palette?

So where the hell am I at the moment. My head is in total disarray with my hobby mojo barely idling at the moment. I have done some bits and bobs:
  • cut mounting discs for my capillary towers
  • prepared the capillary towers - foamboard and pop bottle chitin plates
  • done a few bits of weathering on my chaos cultists
  • mounted my 5 devastator marines on slate bases
  • some highlights on  my Dark Vengeance Librarian
But almost all of these have been so minor as to not even warrant photographs, which gives me no content for the blog! And each one of these steps forward has led me to a point that requires a decision, and as we all know making decisions is usually thing that prevents progress. There's so much decision making going on in my head on 'how to do such and such' or 'which colour should this be painted' or 'which rust colour goes on first and last' that it's become a big ball of non-activity. Hence why I'm progressing so slowly as I try and push on regardless. Even 20 minutes of painting is 20 minutes less when I finally, hopefully, get my hobby on.

The sad thing is there is so much I WANT to actually do, I just can't get for going. With the blog coming off the back of a few months of record hits and followers I'm desperate not to go on hiatus but I really need content and not worry about the blog, even though the blog helps keep the mojo flame burning, like a pilot light. Maybe what i need is a little more direction of what you guys like the most. Is it the battle reports, painting tutorials, freebies or scratchbuilds? Perhaps if I'm doing something I know people are desperate for it will help to motivate.

Saying all that I have been inspired to do some more terrain pieces. Despite promising Mitchell Hargreaves that I would scale the Targus Assault Blockade to the 'official' dimensions what I went and did is look at my 40k Ruins and consider adding a texture to the background so you could just 'print and play' [thanks Evan and fritz40k for that term]. But instead of just going with it standard I went and combined it with some of the architectural elements of my Inquisitorial Vault. What I've got is a textured building with some crude shadows and elements in place to make it stand out. I could have gone to town and made them more realistic but the simplicity of Illustrator means I can just swap the pattern out and it's a different coloured building. I could still probably do it all in Photoshop but thanks to the process I've actually got one building done in a brown/sandstone colour. When I say one building I mean:
  • A 150mm wide x 200mm tall 2 storey building
  • A 150mm wide x  280mm tall 3 storey building
  • A 220mm wide x  200mm tall 2 storey building
  • 2 sets of floor tiles for each storey
And having done that I was then able to swap the sandstone pattern for a black marble, with the same design [more or less] now I'm looking to do a black/green marble but I may tweak the design. So, how soon do you want them?


Meanwhile, if anyone has the original epic Space Marine buildings - the smaller ones that had different coloured buildings - yellow/gold, green as well as your standard greys, blacks and steel. I'd love to have scans of them so I could recreate them.

And the next big thing to think about milestone-wise is what will I hit first - 200 followers, or 300,000 views? Only you can determine that one :)

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  1. I have loads of epic terrain, if I can work the scanner, I will try to send it to you.