Saturday 5 October 2013

Apocalypse WOW! 12,500pts of Armageddon - Turn 2

Turn 2 and the Ymgarls arrive and mug the Veterans completely, they didn't know what hit them. Additionally the Genestealer brood tore through the Terminators but only just enough wounds were failed to take the unit down.

Gargoyles managed to take a Terminator out but lost a few that had survived turn 1s mauling. My Trygon Prime failed to end the Leman Russ.

The Hive Guad managed to snipe one of Lightnings out of the sky. I'd debated whether to go for the Vendetta, of course with hindsight I wish I had, nevermind.

I handled Otty's assault on the Guard Defence Line, the Trygon managed to eat everything on this side of the Quad Gun, nom, nom!

Whilst the Genestealers and Terminators fought in the shade. I think that's NOT Lysander in the red cloak. Round about this point there was all sorts of disbelieving cries from Liam as Otty seemed incapable of failing a saving throw.

However, no amount of favour with the dice G.O.D.s was going to save this Hive Tyrant against a unit full of Captains and Special Characters - Champions and Pedro Kantor. This Tyrant was doomed.

Like I said, that's how you mount a Storm Talon!

And that's EPIC!

With the Tervigon in the Woods smeared all over the trees the Shrikes doubled back to take on some recently arrived assault troops.

2 Devastator squads in the Fortress of Redemption and one in the building behind poured unrelenting fire into the approaching swarm while 3 old skool scratchbuilt Whirlwinds were far less effective with their barrages.

The third Devastator Squad confidently laid down supporting fire while a Storm Talon zoomed in.

The Warhound set it's sights on Nancy.

While the Heirodule managed to get to grips with one of the Land Raiders, I think Otty said it was the first time it had ever done anything!

Gotta love these Whirlwinds, I have two of those scratchbuilt weapons too that will hopefully end up in my Dark Angel army.

The Titan looks on, impassive and immobile as war rages around it's feet.

The Doom eventually succumbs to massed Las-Cannon fire, I'd refused to roll the first potential insta-killing wound but thankfully passed, and then some more but the last two failed both wiping out all 10 wounds. Ben was over the moon and Liam was ecstatic, and he hadn't even faced it! However, the hovering Vendetta was now within charge range of my Adrenal/Toxin Hormagaunts - glance, glance! In the far background you can just make Otty's mishapped pod and the Devgaunts who were struggling to make their way across the board out of Synapse.

With the Trygon out in the open Knight Commande Pask opened up with his Plasma Cannons and missed! Catching the Leman Russ on the left side, penetrating it and blowing it up! The ensuing 5" explosion took out Devgaunts, Gargoyles, Stealers and wounded the Trygon, probably more effective than if he'd been on target!

The Stormlord and Ogryns opened up on anything it could hit, probably responsible for the ending of the Trygon.

The Broodlord in the ruins was nigh indestructible, pulling lesser stealers in front of it from everywhere and saving 10+ wounds with 1 wound remaining.

The Warhound and Super Heavies finally managed to bring down Nancy, her leaking corpses biomass rapidly being reabsorbed my nid micro-organisms.

The remaining guard behind the Defence Line managed to kill the Trygon with Las fire, earning them field promotions on the spot!

Incoming D-weapon fire targeted some Devwarriors attempting a rearguard action on the Combi-Grav Sternguard. As the smoke cleared only one was left alive!

And yet more Apocalypse blasts, taking out 11 of my spawned gaunts :( Maybe I should get me some of those blasts, hmm?

Storm Raven continues to rule the skies on Otty's flank.

While the Storm Talon zooms over the monstrous battle taking place on the Skyshield landing pad.

I think the Heirodule managed to take down the Land Raider here but was then beset by its contents and yet more tanks and assault troops ready to bring their weapons to bear.

Some remaining Warriors brought the fight to the Sternguard, hoping to clear them off the objective in Otty's Deployment Zone. However, even if they did what of the Drop Pod?

Shrikes try to end the other Assault Squad.

Meanwhile the green tide continues to swarm round the feet of the Titan.

The elite of the Crimson Fists finally put an end to the Hive Tyrant and secure the Skyshield.

The Parasite of Mortrex manages to implant 5 Ripper embryos in the poor Assault Sergeant it kills in a Challenge. 

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth resound as 15 more wounds are added to the melee.

And then it was tea, and this was just mine! In a feast fit for Bugman's, gammon as thick as your finger, sausages, fried egg and black pudding. Its been a long time since I had black pudding and this was awesome, even if the ingredients should turn your stomach. Still, blood for the blood G.O.D.  Yum, yum!


  1. Fantastic report. I am even more impressed by the level of painting of all the models.

    1. Cheers Judge [big fan ;) ] although you're probably right, the painting is considerably better than what I can recall of the events, but Apocalypse is spectacle and Ben made absolute sure everything was just right. I'm so glad it was recorded for all the effort these guys put into their armies, the boards, terrain and even the hosting of the event. Excellent day all round