Sunday 30 June 2013

'nids part 88 - Tyranid Bastion growth pt9.

Next up is the dry fitting of my pseudo-heavy bolters. Simple addition of some flower arranging wire, drilled and glued into the donor Deathspitters [plain warrior version on the left, monstrous creature ones on the right, sadly I couldn't get all MC versions, never mind].

Pushed into the foamboard inside their fire slits. I will prepare a 45° fire arc template soon for this

As you can see it's not too bad, I can at least avoid the capillary towers although I'm not holding onto too much hope with my weapons here. A 45° fire arc with a 5+ chance to hit, not great odds but I think the fire ports will be the main benefit, not to mention the 3+ save on the battlements.

Here's where I switch to Milliput for the Chitin plates and I've added some stretched muscular flesh similar to the Forgeworld towers. Of course this meant I had to invest in another couple of packs of Milliput taking my costs up to about £10 spent specifically on this [not including the moonscape base which wasn't being used for anything else].

Second set of Chitin plates on the inner towers, perhaps you can make out how much crisper the detail is on the Milliput ones versus the DAS clay. I'm not 100% convinced I needed to make the swap, I'll continue on for durabilities sake but you could probably use DAS throughout.

The other larger towers first chitin plate.

That's another nights work, bring on tomorrow, although I may have to pause at some point because my Milliput order may take a few days to arrive, ooh the frustration!
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