Tuesday 11 June 2013

Charley Says - "please share me"

Some may recall back in February there was a random youtube link to a Harlem Shake featuring characters  from a British Public Information Film from the 1970s that was referenced in the Prodigy song 'Charly' in the 90s.

Since then Charley's been busy, he's got in on another meme - 'cat-bearding'


and has also made two new information films to remind people to fill up on fuel before going on a journey:

and also asking drivers not to drive too close:

I'd really appreciate it if you could share, tweet, like or repost the links, especially if you like or remember Charley. There's more to it than bandwagon jumping but it needs a kickstart, without kickstarter so help a little boy and his cat out ;)

PS, please no jokes about alternative meanings for his name, that would end whatever hopes for this to be a success.

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