Monday 10 June 2013

MOAR from my mate Otty - his Tyranid Mycetic Spore amongst others

I asked for some more pics of my mate OTTY's nids. As he's managed to game competively with a Mycetic Spore the size of a breadbin I wanted a bit more information to help with my Basiton construction and gaming concerns. Here are his comments:

In this position,the spore is 20cm in length, 12 cm in width and 12cm in height. Scratch built, the core made from a plastic beaker, some bone components from a lego pirate ship electrical flex, washing machine waste pipe, and spare bits of tyranid.

I was still curious about the construction so asked "Is the beaker the green ridged bits or has that had something else added to it. Would really like to understand how you did that bit as it's sort of the effect I want to do on my bastion, obviously in different colours."

the green ridge bits are milliput covered in tissue paper mache

Dakkafexes are completed.

As you can see OTTY has gone for the twin Devourers joined together and conveniently masked the join with some spare carapace spike parts, ingenuous.┼You really have to admire that chitinous pattern too. Not sure how long it takes but it look like and awful lot of work

Scratch built Doom

Interesting use of Barbed Strangler ammo sacs for the Doom's brain.

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