Tuesday 4 June 2013

What's on my palette?

I may have mentioned the other day I'm on the crest of a hobby wave, in fact waves - too many perfect things that are keeping a big old grin on my face. Unfortunately I just haven't the time to tackle them all and I desperately want to share what I'm doing but with the time being the most precious of commodities I haven't got the buffer of scheduled posts I would like. Not that it should impact the blog mind, I'm compelled to continue business as usual I probably just need to adopt some micro-blogging techniques that will satisfy my urge to share with my limited time constraints.
There's a number of things I need to take stock of, I didn't want to review my 'to do' list until it's annual check up but I already have a separate 'to do' list on my phone that covers some of those elements but has prioritised a number of items not on my blog list above and beyond those I'd set out to do. Currently the top four items on this list are
  • Dark Angels AoBR Tactical Squad
  • Dark Angels DV Librarian
  • Inquisitorial vault
  • Tyranid Bastion
I was managing to flit between these projects quite happily but since the Bastion has started to grow and the sculpting has been broken up into bite-size chunks. I can now time-manage the build and estimate a deadline for each part. So when I'm saying it's going to take four days for the walls I want to spend those four days doing the walls not swap to the Vault and delay the Bastion by another 24 hours.
Additionally, my Throne of Skulls crew has arranged a mini ToS style tournament at Ben's so my awesome Mother-in-law has agreed to look after the kids so I can go play as my wife will be going to see Bon Jovi [it makes her happy]. So I should have another three battle reports if I can spare the time.
Also I popped into GW Southport the other day, the new managers a decent bloke and as I was showing off my pics of my Bastion he asked if I was going to enter Armies on Parade and then stated 'I was entering something into Armies on Parade'/ Apparently Southport Store has never entered anything and he wanted to change that. I didn't really understand the rules I thought it was just new armies and a bespoke 2'x2' board but it seems it can be as simple as a Warlord and HQ, so why not?

Admittedly what I will attempt will in no way compare with last years winner, I just don't have the time to go to those lengths. I will be doing a basic 2'x2' square, maybe create some hills if my modular ones don't give me the effect I'm after and then fill it with my Ferron Splinter fleet, terrain and Tyranid fortifications, just like I did for the ToS nominations. I actually had a great idea for something OTT but I'll hang fire on that for the future. So that's another 'thing' to do but I will use it as a prototype for attempting my own gaming table and there are now prizes in each store not just the top three so there are definite reasons to do this not reasons to prevent me doing other stuff.
Lastly in this random musing I just wanted to throw out an invitation to anyone with a blog who might want a bit of promotion I'm sure that's the sort of quick win that people like to see. Recently we've seen a number of the big names in 40k blogging take a break/forced to take a break and they were often the source of most of our readers and new followers. I've nearly been blogging for 3 years now, built a steady following and traffic but there are blogs out there just starting up who may have some great content to share and need a hand to take it to a wider audience than their blog currently enjoys. So feel free to leave a link in the comments section, perhaps a link to an image, maybe a description and I'll put some of them up and see if it helps.


  1. I love the Armies on Parade competition, and would love to see what you come up with for your entry. I tend to be pretty slow in terms of terrain bits, so I figure if I start now it might be ready for next year.

    Nice of you to offer promos for other blogs. Mine is at http://ftgtgaming.blogspot.com/

    My most recent articles feature the new Eldar Codex with a review of the book and a battle report. I'm also hoping to finish up some of the STC terrain I got from you and show that off, with all due credit when I do.

    1. Thanks Evan, I've put something together and it's in the schedule ;)