Friday, 21 September 2018

Warhamer Underworlds Shadespire Steelhearts Champions - base/coating

I continue to avoid painting my Dark Shroud and instead invest more time in Steelhearts Champions
following this basing tutorial from RobPaintsModels I stippled on the greens and yellow for the moss, again a little brighter than Rob's but c'est la vie.

Rhinox Hide got added for the dirt and then a Stonewall Grey final drybrush just bleached a lot of vibrancy from it. In particular the purple and green washes seemed to have disappeared.

So I added some more purple, taking particular care to shade around the feet and underneath, not a shadow as such but that will help frame the models on the base.

Leave, vines, shading and highlighting the soil and the purple areas. I also painted the armour Stonewall Grey - completely covering up all that lovely zenithal pre-shading.

What I didn't realise was that thinning you paints meant tiny paint spatter flecks all over the bases! Bearing in mind I have spots all over my Red Planet BASES! you'd think I'd be down with tha but NO! I did a quick purple was over the top of it. They're not completely covered, you can still see some texture and it's even more purple but it's the best of a bad job.

The purple elements are really bright and glossy because the paint is really cheap from a stationers. I'm confident washes and varnish will knock it back though.

I keep referring to Rob's guide to painting the Champions but I'm also making my own changes. Metallics follow my own recipe - it's my signature now even if his way was easier, quicker and an opportunity to try something different...

I had painted the helmet bronze too, but switched back to white as he was too gilded. Waepons are black, they'll be Obsidian blades as I like the idea it looks like they're carved out of the Flyreslayers! 😀 

Some more highlights on the gold, then shade it back and highlight again. Pin shading has been done on the armour, so a tidy up with Stonewall Grey and then white.

Purples should be a lot fun too but that's something new, it already looks like it's tying the model into the base. It's almost like I planned it all this way!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Deathwatch OVERKILL-ED!?

Much has been mentioned recently over the removal of Horus Heresy - Betrayal at Calth and Burning of Prospero. These were games in their own right but in all honesty folk were getting them for the models. Obviously they were ideal for Heresy era fans, those wishing to play Horus Heresy could fill out an army cheaply without resorting to older Mk armour from Forgeworld. Or, you might just want to play 40k with some cool retro looking Astartes, not to mention the original way to access Custodes.

That said, with the advent of Primaris Marines the need for these models in their own boxed games was probably quite expensive in production when you'd already started offer smaller tactical squad boxes of the same figures. Folk could still buy the earlier Marks albeit at not quite as good value and there was now no need to add in all the game components. It was a commercially sensible decision, the games aren't 'organised play' like Killt Team or Shadespire so no reason to keep them around.

Which brings us to Deathwatch Overkill, which seems to have also been axed, and yet I'm not sur eanyone noticed. I'll admit my journalistic investigation has not stretched to asking GW directly if it's gone but it is no longer on their website, no longer on 3rd party retailers and one GW store manager described his sole remaing copy as 'contraband' and supposed to be returned to HQ.

Now in principle the same valid commercial reasons for axing the Heresy games ring true here, the main difference being that we have multi-pose, Acolytes, Neophytes and now even Aberrants. What is sad is that the universal advice to those wishing to start Genestealer Cults - buy 2 boxes of Deathwatch Overkill is no longer appropriate. Definitely the most cost-effective way to fill out your army [not to mention Kill-Team Cassius, but that again has been carved off].

It's also sad about the game. I can't comment on the Heresy game but I like Deathwatch Overkill, I played it last night and I still really like it. Although I haven't played Shadespire yet I have a sneekinn suspicion the 'deck building' nature might be very similar to the Broodmind Deck mechanic in Overkill.

I'm not saying this is a mistake by GW or we should demand it's return, it may well come back in the future, like Space Hulk [also no longer available, again]. What I am saying is this was the best of the three games that came out before these boxed games got their act together. It's arguably the most valuable [we'll ignore renegades ;) ] and it therfore deserves far more of a lament than the Heresy games.

Farewell Ghosar Quintus!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Warhamer Underworlds Shadespire Steelhearts Champions - basing

This is quite an insightful little post about me I think. Recent posts [in particular the last one!] showed how I sensibly thought to use the delay in starting my Knights to crack on with the Dark Shroud but it's failing to ignite my passion to push on and get it done. I'm doing little bits, perhaps I might reach a tipping point? I also pointed out how the Primaris Marines are a bit 'big' for me and I'm on record as not a huge fan of painting power armour. Yet I find myself suddenly enthused at painting Steelhearts Champions from Shadespire!?

I'd managed to snag a copy of the game for just £27 on ebay, all models built [so no Big Build required 😃, but then no stamp either ☹️]. I'd been looking around on YouTube and found this basing tutorial from RobPaintsModels which is pretty cool and I thought I might get something more akin to what I'd hoped to achieve with the Fyreslayers [although I do still like what I did do]. So started with a black primer, then a grey prime on the base and a zenithal white spray on the models. Then I did a Valejo Stonewall Grey coat on the stones, adding some Citadel Skavenblight Dinge for darker more textured effect. This was then drybrushed white for definition [as per the tutorial]. I don;t normally drybrush, a bit of wetbrush perhaps but this was powder puff drybrushing which actually works on 'stone'.

Army Painter Strong Tone wash next.

Next up is a mix of purple and green shades. I actually don't have a green shade, just a green glaze so in for a penny. And I've since discovered Drakenhof Nightshade is blue, NOT purple!

I'm thinking this is beginning to deviate a bit from Rob's tutorial now, doesn't seem to be as dark [that'll be because it's supposed to be blue and a green shade, not a glaze!] but I am pleased with the results so far and can't wait to crack on with the rest of it.

I think the key thing here is I have a plan, even if it's not following it perfectly I know what I'm doing next and decisions are being left to someone else [mostly]. To that end I'll be following Rob's tutorial on how to paint them, hence the white, although I'll probably be painting over it all anyway.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Dark Angels - Ravenwing Dark Shroud part 3

Well this is odd, I can't seem to find a post about my Dark Shroud that includes these pictures, or in fact the subsequent metallics. These were taken in December I must have been preoccupied and forgot to share them. Obviously this is just the Warplock Bronze basecoat.

Which I would have followed with Balthasar gold and Retributor Armour and all the other bits to achieve my 'brassy bronze' which I failed to record. I think I did that around February/March, alongside the Predator and Razorback.

Liam has returned from holiday but I still need to visit to pick up the Knight legs, then I can focus on the Imperial Knights. This delay has given me a few weeks to try and move the Dark Shroud past the metallics hurdle and onto the black highlights hurdle! Construction on the knights can be interspersed with my painting of this to make each more manageable.

So here we are up-to-date, the metallics were then washed with my Valejo Sepia Wash which is a bit darker than Army Painter Soft Tone, I suppose it serves me right for putting it on neat. Some of the tide marks are unfortunate but it's underneath and the Veridgris will act as interference as well.

And here's the shroud bit [as opposed to the Plasma weaponry] the statues will be red Ferron marble and the relic of Caliban will be Bonewhite offering up another fluff mystery that the 'Wraithbone' chips scattered over Ferron Proxima might be fragments of a Calibanite castle.

What Heresy would it be for the Order to have inadvertently been mining Wraithbone on Caliban to create their castles? Anyway it should look pretty cool once it's done. The statues on the GW Studio model are green marble but that would have introduced another colour into my Ravenwing.

Sticking with the red reduces the colour palette a bit. Looking forward to getting this fella done, it's a big hole in my Ravenwing force, alongside a Talon Master/Sammael. I'll get there eventually but for now it's keeping me out of mischief until the Knights sally forth! That said the actual motivation to crack on with this and use this 'gift' of dedicated time eludes me 😞

Friday, 14 September 2018

Warhamer Underworlds Shadespire Chosen Axes - Where they were @ now they're TO DONE!

You'll be aware I finished these just before the Hobby Season finished and then immediately started again...? Nevemind. Obviously I didn't have chance to share their WiP so here's where they were @ before they got TO DONE!

I'd put the orange onto the hair and after the sepia wash started applying highlights to their follicles.

I think it was one or two sets at this stage at which I would add a second or third.

The aged bronze was looking OK, I was still going to apply a little patina - cos that's what I do.

I then decided to do the skin on one of them - Incubi Darkness, Dark Reaper, then highlights with Dark Reaper:Turquoise and then white spotlights. Yellow eyes, a bit like 40k Salamanders [but obviously not red]

Still think I could have tried a bit more colour, more turquoise, but as a test it did give me the opportunity to do that on the other three. I'm not sure they're consistent but skin tones are different anyway so it dodn't have to be perfect.

Meanwhile Google Assistant created this B/W version of one of the above pics which I thought looked cool too.

So yeah, I cracked on with them and will try and get some TO DONE! pics to share with you next.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Genestealer Cult - Abominants

Back when I was first building my Genestealer Cult models I realised that I might need an Iconward. Although the model was greta and all I had a plan to kitbash one. I had a spare Rat Ogre from the Island of Blood [?] set. I'd used the other one for my Skaven Blood Bowl team but I figured this one with two Genestealer heads might look like some über Abberant [Übberant?] that could double as an Iconward. Well they only went and made an Übberant, sorry, Abominant. Now you can see though that might still be value in my kitbash [once I attempt it] as that Rat Ogre is almost 'Primaris' scale to the Abominant.

Although I'm not about to mix my Astartes scales I'm quite happy to have a crack at doing this at some point, there'll be a scything talon arm underneath his bladed arm. Now I know things seem a bit random and hectic with all these things at the moment but what I need to do is prep a lot of stuff, get it based and primed ahead of the colder weather. Then I can focus on the Knights in a few weeks and when things get tough I've little projects like this to fall back on.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Double Trouble 4 wrap up & painting competition

Here we have the last Double Trouble painting competition and this is the Best Painted Army category. First up is this Space Marine army, I;m not sure which chapter they are but they were really quite effective.

Even though it was a simple scheme as a whole they came out really well.

Just goes to show yellow doesn't have to be hard!

Next a Ryza Ad Mech army.

The orange metallic Katellan robots were pretty cool.

And who doesn't love Red Planet BASE!

A really nice Tau army, I was really impressed by the use of the upside down tub for the observation area.

This Harlequins army was stunning.

Just look at the stars

And the diamond pattern too.

Absolutely stunning and a potential worthy winner.

Oh my, just enjoy!

And the Best Conversion category. I recognise this as Dan Wellington's two headed Heldrake

An awesome Slaaneshi Renegade Knight, which was the winner

And this converted Defiler.

Best Character category - Commisar


Space Pixie [which was the eventual winner]

Captain Slam


Best monster or vehicle category. Ian Plumpton's Stormsurge, which he'd won in a previous raffle at one of Alex's events.

A huge T'au flyer named after a fish.

Ven Dread

Another ex-raffle prize [apparently] - big Knight.

Lots of pointillist detail on the armour.

And my own Lancer which won the category.

If you didn't know I also won the raffle. Fully two thirds of my Genestealer Cult army has been through these raffles, worryingly it's the two thirds that is sill unbuilt and and painted - so much to do!

Anyway, this is the real reward. I often thought the selfie thing was a bit weird and folk might not get into the spirit of it but every gamer I've ever asked has been up for it.

I'm not very competitive, I want to meet people, share a game have some fun and hopefully have some tales to tell about random acts of chance/brilliance. Alex's events and in particular Double Trouble where you get through 9 gamers throughout the day are the perfect way to meet my tournament needs.

I can't thank Alex enough for the effort he put into these events through the years. I'm pretty sure I'll see some of the regulars in other events in Stockport and around the area but hopefully Alex too.

Thank you Double Trouble, over and out!