Friday 21 December 2018

"What's this? What's this?"

"The monsters are all missing
And the nightmares can't be found"
Remember when these were our best [most despised] option for Mycetic Spores, the forerunner of the Tyrannocyte? They were roughly the right size, vaguely Tyranid and dirt cheap in budget shops [but then suddenly costing a tenner on ebay when folk figured them out]! Well I saw one for £1 on ebay the other day and couldn't resist

Obviously it's way down on my list of things that need doing and I don't even run Tyrannocytes nowadays and with their Chapter Approved points drop I'd consider running my scratchbuilt one over the Plasma Hatcher every time. However, they do make cool scenery items and for that reason alone I picked it up [plus £2.95 postage]. With a bit of effort [one day] I can add to these two.

And just to share some good news ahead of Christmas. The hospital have been in touch and their continuing genetic tests on my son's tumour have revealed that it is not the 'high grade' cancer they thought it was and is in fact and 'low grade with high grade features'. That means he will now only need the six week course of radiotherapy and won't need the 14 weeks of chemo. I'm not counting my chickens and we are from being out of the woods just yet but it's a relief to know we're in Lothlórien and not Mirkwood! He'll be less susceptible to infection and our initial ordeal will be over much sooner and with better prospects. Keep those fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞

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