Thursday, 7 January 2016

40kaddict Terrain Competition Update

As December comes to a close I get to check how the competition fund is growing and a further £10 has been added in just one month! So I'd definitely advise looking at any plans you may have to enter the competition sooner rather than later as the fund is nearly half way to maturity!

Not sure what else to say about this, the metrics look very interesting again with some clicks worth 90p alone but a few adverts worth 60p got a number of clicks so that racked up about £3 in just one day! It really is quite staggering, despite these being only a few pence here and there it all seems to add up. Not only that but I'm somehow just earning a penny or two without any click-thru, don't know how that works but it's interesting to see it's possible.

Over the last 30 days clicks have come from:
  1. UK - 17
  2. USA - 3
  3. Austria - 2 [but only 81 page views]
  4. Australia - 2
So thanks for your support of the prize fund, although Canada generated 19p without a single click! Germany brought in 3p and Sweden, Spain, New Zealand and France all contributed a penny each. Sadly no sign of Syria this time around but I did get the odd visit from Laos, Monaco, Gibraltar, India, Oman, Iceland and Kazakhstan. I love to see this sort of thing, welcome one and all. Anyway, we'll reconvene at the end of January to see where the totaliser is at, thanks again.