Monday, 8 September 2014

Support your local blogger -

Greg Hess has been a regular supporter and commenter on this blog for quite a while now, he's even taking part in this years Hobby Season, but he also has his own blog on the Feed Your Nerd website, here:

He's just come back from the NOVA open, his first visit to gaming event and there are a gazillion pictures available from that event. Why I think you should pop on over is it's clear that not only is he supporting my own blog but he is commenting on lots of others. Every time I nip to one of my favorite blogs I find Greg's words of wisdom somewhere. I talked a while back about how blogging networks aren't as effective as you'd think and how you really need to put the mileage in promoting your own blog yourself. Greg was the first person to comment and state his own views, in particular his first tip was
1) Actually visiting other peoples blogs and commenting on them. (That's the whole point really, meeting new people and learning tips and tricks to the hobby!)
And he does just that! He's joining in in the community and trying to foster that spirit. from the looks of the NOVA open he got to meet up with some of my other favorite bloggers and I think that's further testament to the spirit of the hobby. Its not always about having the latest miniature or win at all cost list, it's about entering your first painting competition or attending a gaming event just to see what it was like and take pictures, even if you're not competing, I love that!

But there's other stuff on his blog too, plenty of painting and with quite a To Do List for the 2014/15 Hobby Season there will be more to come. I particularly like his Black Templars, there's an understatedness about them that is enhanced by the little touches of the grass tufts, and scenic bases.

There's also a really good tutorial on painting brown rock bases that's worth taking a look at.

And a tutorial on magnetising a Techmarine that I wished I'd found sooner, doh! :(

So nip on over and support Greg the way he's been supporting us all over the past few months.