Thursday 4 September 2014

The 2014/15 Hobby Season Alumni Update.

I just got a new entry for the Hobby Season 2014/15 To Do Lists so I've updated the Alumni post and I'll duplicate my overview here for Mr Tardy ;)

Liam Ainscough
Liam arrives late to the party, which reminds me of the Throne of Skulls before last when we arrived to pick him up only to find him playing his game console, still better than Scott last time, he was still working and sat in his underpants! He's been on holiday though, so we'll let him off. He's got a massive list of 17 items but some of the individual items alone could fill an entire To Do List. I do feel a little guilty as he's taken the Armies On Parade challenge I set him to heart but reports suggest AoP, though active, which I thought wouldn't happen, will be scaled down. No National Competition and there's no requirement to create a board, just that your army will fit on a 2'x2'. So he's spent good money and time building something he didn't need to. Still it'll look good no doubt and I can't wait to see what he comes up with, so go check his list and offer up your support.


  1. Speaking to the store manager in Chelmsford uk weekend just gone said we will be getting a national level competition in the new year once GW hq has finished the building work and expanded the model gallery. The store is still selling the boards individually for it and the leaflet (yes they have an advertising flyer for it and wish I'd picked one up) specified the size (in cm oddly enough.)

    1. Thanks for the information Daniel, the only other info I've had from mylocal GW is that you have to sign up in store. If there is a National competition I'd be interested to know how it's going to be judged. Previously this was done at Games Day/Golden Daemon and each attendee got to vote for their favorite.

      How will they manage to judge this? If it's photographs of each local winner sent to head office for a panel to judge then that's a really poor show. I can't imagine anyone being happy with a snap taken by a store manager to be sufficient to capture everything on their board. Alternatively will all the local winners go to Warhammer World and display their boards, if so who votes? The winners, GW staff? And it's a lot to ask people to travel all that way just for a vote...

      Personally I feel this hasn't been organised very well, perhaps all the information is in that leaflet but I think rules for a competition that has just a six week lead in time when previously it was many months can result in people falling foul of rules violations. I want to take part, be enthused and if I have the opportunity try and work a bit more on my board but if I have no faith in the competition does it deserve my efforts? I feel let down and a little bit guilty for encouraging my friends to take part in something that is still very vague...

    2. That's ok Dave don't feel quilty as you said once it's done it can be used for a year or two if not this then next time once it's all sorted out :)