Monday 22 September 2014

'nids part 153 - Project Z?! Gets some fixing

With hobby time at a minimum thanks to my home improvements any progress is good news, although if I'm honest this is very little at all. It needs doing though. Project Z is requiring a lot of remedial action to fix certain elements together and cover other gaps. I'm not entirely certain I'm doing a good job of making it any better, clearly my patchwork of Milliput and Liquid Green Stuff is not doing it any favours.

Hopefully the paint job will hide a multitude of sins but I can still do a bit of sanding to try and eliminate some of the obvious seams. Stupidly I haven't even washed this model yet. I think once that happens I'll be able to move on with some more construction work...

...and reveal this beast in it's entirety.

Oh yeah, and with the extra Milliput I mixed up I managed to start another thing on my To Do List:
Tyranid Bastion Crater. All I was really doing was reinforced the mounting card edges and a couple of tentacles. I will be adding some large chitinous plates at some point, and some suitably gross fleshy bits to show where the ruptured Bastion once stood. It'll also make a decent bit of terrain, hopefully.


  1. Hmm...I probably would have washed that big model least if not twice! (previously poor lessons learned by greggles). How does the greenstuff hold up under soap and water once its dried?

    At least, since it's a giant nid type construct, any casting issues or repairs, will just look like another part of the great beast!

    Love the idea of the bastion crater!

    1. Yeah I got carried away and started sticking it together before washing. Once I get chance I'll give it a bath and let you know if it stays in one piece.

  2. Every time I see your Project Z it reminds me of the difficulties I had with my Scythed Hierodule. I spent over a week bending hot resin, pinning and filling gaps in the leg joints.

    On the upside, greenstuff is fairly water resistant (it is highly hydrophobic, even before it sets). I think you will be fine ;-)

    1. I wish I could just glue the thing together but I know I'll regret it down the line. Better to put in the effort now so there are no regrets later on.