Friday 5 September 2014

'nids part 151 - Project Z?! Another mystery project

Just a quick one. Project Z was one of my mystery projects on my Hobby Season To Do List, but what is Project Z - well, it's a mystery! The funny thing is that although these very early magnetizing shots reveal very little no doubt there will be some who know or can deduce what this is.

To be honest it shouldn't be difficult to work out but where is the fun in that ;) I had not intended to touch Project Z until well after Armies on Parade but given the inability to do that scale of modelling but the possibility to do this amount I thought I'd get it out of the way. Latest news on AoP is that according to my local GW the new rules suggest a board is no longer necessary/part of the rules. It's the army itself that will be paraded and should fit on a 2'x2' board but the board is not necessary...

Anyway, as you can see some pinning is also going on, I had a nasty moment were I dry fit some of the magnets and despite being careful still managed to mix the magnetic poles up! Lucky some drilling and digging about with pliers got them out.

This one also manages to bare no relation to it's counterparts but so far the various parts seem snug and strong enough. I'm debating why I'm doing this, it may well be sheer madness to undertake such a magnetising project but I can always Milliput it should everything go horribly wrong.

There are in fact a couple of perfectly valid common sense reasons to magnetise but I'll get into that later on as and when the scope of Project Z is revealed. Just an interesting note that the blue paint was used to try and indicate where to drill and has combined with the super glue. This was all over my fingers and somehow I didn't bond them together. However right in the midst of all this my new phone turned up. Can you imagine the monumental self control required to not open such a thing because of the mess that needed to be tidied up first and to ensure I didn't bond Bahama Blue paint permanently to my One+ One!

This is what I call an upgrade!


  1. It's the shoulder pad of an imperator titan, covered in magnets to have orks crawling over it, in a very dynamic and beautifully recreated diorama representing a battle at heslreach.

    (my guess :) )

    1. :) Close, but sadly there were no Dark Angels at Helsreach. Now what you're doing there is wishlisting your own fantasies of your own Templars and Orks fighting over the Titan... so you must now add that tou your To Do List!

    2. Ha I have actually been brain storming to do a diorama for competition next of my goals is to place (at least 3rd). So that's gonna require A LOT of work. Waiting on new supplies now, since I learned so much about all the stuff I was doing wrong.

      Definitely time to put on the learning caps!

    3. Hierophant bio-titan. About the only thing I can think of that would require that kind of reinforcement on the joints.

    4. I have no idea what you are referring to.

  2. I second the bio-titan. I only know as I did similar with mine. Does make it easier to transport. What drive me to distraction was pinning all the spikes.