Friday, 27 June 2014

Blog Wars 7 1850pt battle report - nids vs Grey Knights/Inquisition

James Lamb was my last opponent who admitted from the very beginning he was going to lose this battle. His Grey Knight/Inquisition relied heavily on Jokaero for his troops, or something weird. Essentially he didn't have anything to hold an objective without them being mulched immediately after. I'm pretty sure you can go about this mission forcing 'contestion'  and with Chimera's Land Raiders and Dreadnoughts in his force that could have been an option

Psychic Powers
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Warp Blast

The low down:
  • Three objectives, evenly spaced 1VP per objective controlled per player turn
  • Dawn of War
  • I lost deployment.
  • Warlord Trait - Mindeater - Deathleaper
  • Night fighting turn one
Having done well against PeteB in this mission I knew the first thing to do was get as close to those objectives as possible, one advantage to Tervigon's spawning is you get that potential 18" range to secure them.

With Deathleaper also scoring this game I positioned him between the two objectives [left and centre] so I could cover either option depending on which units got good run moves.

While the Nephropid and Termagants aimed for the right and centre objectives.

Despite the cover saves the Nephropid took 5 wounds from all of the Grey Knights.

And then the last wound popped off it, thankfully not too many died in the backlash, about 5 but it was still First Blood lost although no other VPs were scored..

I managed to secure two of the objectives, thanks to the Great Maw spawning out on top of one. I think the Flyrant wrecked the Chimera on the left.

The remaining gaunt blob headed for the third objective but their run move fell short leaving me with 2 VPs that turn.

Biovores missed the Vindicaire Assassin hiding in the trees but had spore mines to assault him in future turns,

This must be a couple of turns on because I think that's Coteaz [the strange monkey on the left] and pretty much all his retinue is not there. I think they'd suffered a whole lot from the Flyrant and Carnifex. I had hoped the Mawloc would have turned up to capitalise on their placement but no joy.

The Flyrantswooped off to the left but I also managed to pop his second Chimera, possibly with the Quad Gun.

His Land Raider turned it's attention to the Flyrant.

And it must have suffered a fiery end.

My Mawloc arrived but I deep struck him underneath his monkey units - [Dreadnoughts]. I killed one and had room to deploy.

Coteaz was kille dby some shooting for Slay the Warlord. All the while I'm racking up VPs as I now have all the objectives, I missed out on 3 in the first turn, 1 in my first turn and another 1 in James's second turn but since then it's 3 per turn.

While my Tervigon assaults the remaining Dreadnought the Carnifex gets to grips with the Land Raider and it's Hammer of Wrath penetrates

And blows it up.

The Vindicaire Assassin has joined the fight with the Tervigon and my gaunts protect the objective.

The Mawloc finishes off the remaining Dreadnought and any other monkeys hiding while the gaunts conga line to Line Breaker, just in case the Mawloc failed to dispatch it's targets.

So all that's left is the Great Maw facing the Vindicaire Assassin. We're at turn 4 or top of turn 3 at this stage. If James is tabled the game ends, no more VPs, if it carries on then I get more points. The Vindicaire has a 4+ save and can't seem to damage the Tervigon. I start to Smash the Assassin to reduce my attacks, one hits.

and this is my Wound roll, we continue for another round of combat and I get another 3VPs

I Smash again, but this is my 'to hit' roll, another 3VPs

When I do manage to wound the Assassin passes his Invulnerable save and eventually we reach the end of turn 5 and the Assassin remains alive.

It was a pretty one sided game, score wise. I ended up with 25VPs, plus Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker. James got First Blood and Slay the Warlord - Deathleaper meeting some ignominious end I can't even remember so 27-2. Alex, the Blog Wars event organiser had talked about the potential for games to be drawn out and where possible if you're going to table someone not to delay the inevitable to get the VPs. I suppose you could say switching to Smash attacks was doing that, but the options  were:
  • 3 Attacks, hitting on 5, wounding on 3 with a 4+ save on 2 wounds
  • 2 Attacks, hitting on 5, wounding on 2 with a 4+ save, insta-kill with 1 wound
Now I'm not going to work out the maths but I actually think I may have a better chance of killing him with Smash than without. I've one less chance to hit but greater chance to kill, outright too. In the end the Assassin deserved to survive, he was awesome. The result pushed me to 12th out of 38, not bad really although I did come 4th in November, wow, I forgot how close I came. Still maybe I can pick it up again later in the yearr.