Thursday, 29 May 2014

Tactical Objective Cards - just so you know!

And we all thought the limited edition run of the Munitorum Edition of 2,000 was limited. This week I've been trying to get a couple of packs of the Tactical Objective Cards from a large GW store and it seems like they've sold out. Loads of packs of Psychic Power cards but no Tactical Objective ones. Having spoken to the manager it transpires there seems to be no sign of them until July at the earliest! He doesn't know why they're still available on the site, perhaps HQ is hoarding them for their own games.

It seems GW underestimated the appeal, or how much of an impulse buy a £5 item in GW can be, to totally change the way you play. Good luck finding some if you hadn't already made a pre-order.