Thursday, 15 May 2014

Flufftastic - Hive Fleet Gorgon - Ferron Splinter Fleet - Mycetic Spores

These Mycetic Spore pods are similar in intent to the transport pod of the Doom of Ferron Proxima, although it has been noted that the initial use of orbital delivery mechanisms has ceased. Does this herald the second stage in the invasion of Ferron Proxima or has the Hive Fleet decided that it now has access to sufficient resources planetside to take the world instead of investing more of the fleets bio-resources? Evidence is not sufficient to draw conclusions but the fact is the sky has stopped falling, for the moment...

One of the major difficulties for the bio-magi trying to reveal the secrets of the Xenos threat, is that threat is evolving and mutating on a daily basis. When new bio-constructs appear, getting samples, eye-witness accounts and observing their function is only the first challenge because the Hive Mind is constantly using these constructs as foundations for different purposes forcing each hypothesis to be re-evaluated. These Mycetic Spore Pods are a prime example of the bio-diversity the Tyranid threat can bring to bear. The new spore pods had originally  been seen delivering a variety of troops to the battlefield, disgorging monstrous beasts and chittering hordes as well as potent psychic terrors like the Doom of Ferron Proxima.

Most often they were discovered in areas close to the main Tyranid Hives, their designation identified through xenos bio-data sheets as the orbital transportation pods but on closer inspection some were found to be semi sentient weapons batteries. Producing fierce explosive rounds or a torrent of smaller scatter shots that whittled the eye-witnesses down to a man. These new discoveries are forcing the bio-magi to re-write their findings and reassess all their discoveries to date. What other bio-forms are being mutated into other entities to bring about the further subjugation of Ferron Proxima?

Alongside this new development there were rumours again that these pods may form some kind of Synaptic link for the Hive - extending it's range of influence as the smaller more feeble minded xenos spread out to forage for bio-matter and increase the Hive's territory. No evidence has been found to support this hypothesis but the bio-magi will not discount any possibility at this stage given the proven mutable factor of Hive Fleet Gorgon.

What has been proven though is the real change these pods are having to the surrounding landscape - they are changing the environment and polluting it with the foul alien DNA of the Xenos. These pods are effectively terra-forming the Ferron landscape to make it more suitable for the alien interlopers. Even the very aspect of the pods is against the nature of good clean Imperial design that is built on the crushed bones of the fallen, ferrocrete, steel, brass and adamantium. Alien flesh and chitin suffused with rank toxic ichor, fluids and tiny symbiotic builder organism constantly repairing the structures, it's obscene blasphemy and an affront to the Emperor's architectural tenets. These pods may yet be the most dangerous element in the alien assault, purge the alien, destroy on sight!