Thursday 31 March 2022

What's on my palette?

Bless me #WarHamFam for I have sinned, it's been 3 months since my last confession! I've built lots of things, painted my Tyranid Warriors, a Death Guard and Ravenwing Talonmaster. I've played a few games of Blood Bowl and had a couple of Middle Earth role-playing sessions. I think this has been quality rather than quantity.

So what's on my palette right now? I've a number of things but I've had something of a short break from the hobby. Although it doesn't feel like I've lost my mojo the net result is the same thing. I've put in some time on my Ravenwing Attack Bikes and Black Knights - getting the metallics done, one colour at a time. When the final Runelord Brass and wash is on I'll share. It's tedious work but it needs to be done. I'm not pushing myself which allows me the easy get out of not doing anything.

I've painted the white on 5 more of my Halfling Blood Bowl team I'll get round to sharing them at some point but much like the bikes it's tedious work. Although that can feel productive, because I don't have to think and the result is a significant change from where the model started, it's not very rewarding creatively. They're also not high on my list of things To Do, as they're not part of my #NewYearNewArmy but I want to get to the pint bits as they'll look cool when that goes on.

I've done a little more work on a Munitorum Container. The red/cream one is very close to finished and will feature in my #ArmiesOnParade2022 so a small push on that will feel really satisfying. I've just discovered I don't appear to have any pics of that in progress. I'll have to check in more detail or remedy that.

Also I have done a bit more on my Sector Imperialis Administratum, which I claimed I was working on What's on my palette? in November '21! I have actually done the first set of red highlights on the walls and just concluded that I will also do the interior walls red. I had been thinking about following my current terrain design of cream interiors, but will reserve that for the floors. It gives me the opportunity to be a little different but still consistent. Again it'll be in my #ArmiesOnParade and terrain is always awesome. 

And finally, with the recently built Death Guard reinforcements I need to prime them so I can decide which ones I want to get a head start on and which ones I want to hold back on so that I can paint them with my youngest, when he finally wants to give it a go.

So, my eldest is due back at uni in a few weeks and I won't have this unknown evening schedule that currently exists. Until then I'll be dipping in and out of the hobby but should have some pics worth sharing soon. 

Lastly, I have the materials for my man cave upgrade. I will be installing some insulation on the floor. It may not solve the significant winter cold but I had to give it a shot. Whether I should have investigated some under floor heating system instead, I mean it's a wooden shed, on a wooden, open base, on paving slabs. It seems daft to put some sort of heating elements on that. Even with a reflective material I expect it would lose heat as well warm it from the floor up. Currently my electric heater just warms everything from about 24inches up, so feet are always freezing in colder weather. Fingers crossed the insulation mitigates this.

If I wasn't using it as a home office I'd never have bothered but I've survived two years and think it's needed if I continue. It also means I will have to empty the shed and that will mean a tidy out, it's proper Trebus and has become something of an issue. I still consider the efforts hobby related but it will eventually impact figure painting, if only for a few days, but I'll share pics when I do.


  1. I hope the insulation helps with the man cave; our air conditioning died spectacularly this year, so my hobby space has felt a bit like the amazon rainforest at times this year :-) That will be a $9000 fix... so... no new armies for me!

    1. That's a serious outlay for you. AC isn't too much of a concern for us, but no doubt it won't be long before it really is. My shed gets up to the 30's in summer so I have to tart thinking about how to deal with that this year. I'm contemplating getting a sun sheet to mount on the roof and perhaps it'll shield the worst of the effects from the sun hitting the roof and walls?

      I'm also looking into the small USB AC units which are small fans with an ice cube tray on the top that the fan draws cool air from. They don't have amazing reviews but I think for a small office space like mine it might just work.