Wednesday 16 June 2021

Blood Bowl - Halfling Team - Crackling

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've done a bit more #paintingwarhammer on my Halfling #BloodBowl team. I know I just said I had other stuff to focus on but that was a conclusion I came to as I was doing this. This was a big step - covering the red basecoat in white in readiness for the fluoro pink.

Weird in a way because I liked the red, but also the white looks pretty cool too.

And big jump here. The fluoro pink went on and it's been highlighted a couple of times [mixing in white]. The weather turned very warm so the paint was drying quite rapidly

I also added some Army Painter Skeleton bone pinstripes, but felt they need defining a bit more, hence the additional Khorne Red 'drop-shadow'. I've added some Bloodletter glaze in the recesses and highlighted all the tops of creases to get extra definition.

I added the criss-cross of the crackling pattern on the helmet and shoulder pads. It's frustrating in a way as when I did it on my original models decades ago I was actually neater. I tried adding the Skeleton Bone for more definition, still to add the cloves, although the helmet studs suffice there. That said the criss-cross pattern is all over the shop on the helmet, so I'm a little underwhelmed.

While I was at it I did some of the same crackling bits on this Hefty - shoulder pads, helmet, highlighted the skin and did the eye.

Cloves will be in the centre of the criss-cross I see examples where they're placed both in the centre of the square and at the juncture of the cuts.

This helmet is the most representative of a ham, but the shoulder pads - I'm kicking myself at the difference in size of the patterns :(

The catcher also got crackled and a first set of highlights, and his eyes, slightly skew-whiff but passable. I need to work out how to do a flushed complexion on a dark skintone next.

I also remembered to make his palms and soles of his feet lighter skinned. It's a small detail that I believe can be overlooked and as I continue to explore varied skintones it was worth doing. One thin coat on the palm of his hand already looks quite effective.

I have to admit I'm not quite as pleased as I hoped to be with the pink, or the crackling for that matter. I'm pretty sure that the varnish will tone things down, it's currently a bit glossy in places which makes it odd. I think the pinstripes really help the model, but overall it is very, very busy and the crackling pattern is all over the place - which is where most of my disappointment lies.

Half the team will have brown shoulder trim, the other half orange to make the crackling effect bolder. I want to get these three completed, perhaps do the orange basecoats on all the rest... but now I want to get all the metallics done on my tactical squad too - time and motivation [plus cooler working conditions] please!

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