Tuesday 15 March 2022

Dark Angels - Ravenwing Talonmaster - Highlights

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer my Ravenwing Talonmaster. And so it comes to edge highlighting black, a task I have been avoiding like the plague and I can't seem to figure why. Having committed to finally finishing this Talonmaster I learned something:

Black highlights are nothing to be afraid of!

The recipe is quite simple really:

• Incubi Darkness
• Dark Reaper
• Fenrisian Grey

I do have an Anita's Baby Blue craft acrylic that is an alternative to the Fenrisian Grey, it's paler and naturally more blue, but it's thinner so I stuck with the Citadel paint.

Eventually when I'd done all the highlights I like to go back in with some more AP Matt Black, to try and tidy up the highlights, particularly the chunky Incubi Darkness ones. Whether it adds the occasional 'tide mar' that you see in matt black on flat surfaces is somewhat of a gamble.

But really, there's mothing to be afraid of. Is it the greatest black highlight ever painted? No. Will it do? Absolutely, and far from something I should fear it's relatively simple and easy to do.

Fingers crossed I can hold onto this knowledge and power through the 3 Attack Bikes and 3 Ravenwing Black Knights too. They're a bit behind, I haven't even done their metallics, but it'd be nice to ride this crest. With them done it'll be a nice set of nids and Dark Angels that will have been done on the bounce. Then it's new challenges?

The highlights on the front of their helmets need a bit of tidying up, red areas need highlighted and I've still to decide on what colour to do the power sword.

But I am back in the saddle and I am going to get this done, mark my words!


  1. Looks great! Highlights came out well, no worries.

    1. That's what I need to keep reminding myself of. I don't know why I subscribe to the impression black is difficult to highlight, maybe it's the flat areas that still show some strange tide marks as the black shifts between matt and reflective? Other than that it's no bother for me.

  2. Looks really good! That hood ornament is my favourite bit tho with the patina finish.

    1. I've got a better close-up in the TO DONE! white pics, you'll love it, although it was nothing more than a thinned wash of AP Hydra Turquoise!