Wednesday 2 March 2022

Old stuff day 2022

Morning #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity it's #OldStuffDay 2022. A few years ago now warhammer39999 wanted to join a movement to rediscover lost gems from the world of hobby blogs. To choose one of your own blogposts that you're most proud of, or may not have got the attention it deserved or any thing that may warrant some necromantic blogpost bothering. On top of that you were to share blogposts from other bloggers which you thought deserved the same spotlight of attention before they were returned to their dark nightmare infested slumbers.

Here's some great posts from other bloggers [apologies to the many great bloggers out there I haven't included, you do sterling work too, these are just the ones I was reminded to remember over the last 12 months]:

Who wouldn't want a tutorial on making/sculpting candle?

Henry South is an Oscar and Bafta winning film special FX genius. He's also a hobbyist once kept a fascinating blog about his effort. Although he's stopped blogging the great thing is all his content is still there and there are some great posts. This one how to be a better painter may well change your view on paint brushes

Part 2 is available here.

And, as mental health quite often finds itself a concern among hobbyists this may well be of benefit

Alex From the Fang is another loss to the hobby blogging community. His Blog Wars tournaments were my favourite events, although his doubles tournament - Double Trouble was even more fun. Blog Wars 6 was my first attendance, immortalised in this here painting competition

OK, so another one about me [sort of] but it's from a blog that at least is still going and does highlight my long running connection with weemen, not just Siph generously commenting and giving feedback on every blogpost I make [for which I am eternally grateful]

Mike Corr is another blogger who I connected with through Blog Wars and although eventually it wasn't a prerequisite to taking part in the tournament he subsequently would start a blog. If you are contemplating it you might want to think like Mike did and come up with some sort of continuous post. Here he interviewed various other bloggers, 54 in fact. Each one is an interesting take on the hobby from those willing to share their exploits. Well worth checking out the list and you can see I got featured at number 6

When I start collecting links for Old Stuff Day it can be early in the year and then when I come to write the blog post I don't always know why I picked the links that I did. For some reason I decided a post on modular gaming tables would be appropriate. Now I did think I perhaps just copied the link from another Old Stuff Day post, and that still may be the case, but I can't find it if I did

And to my own blogposts. Having felt disheartened by my foray into 9th edition I thought I'd share some amazing experiences from previous editions that I hope one day to re-experience.

Birthday Bash 2.0 [click through for more reports]

Lastly, I held a terrain competition 6 years ago, utilising funds from my advertising revenue to supply prizes. I'm just over three quarters of the way to doing it again but I'm still pleased with the efforts of those involved.


  1. Love the Old Stuff Day, always a great time to discover new blogs and posts you might have missed. Thank you for keeping the tradition!

    1. Cheers, of course it has a wider scope than just Warhammer and the hobby. I even see it being called 'National Old Stuff Day', although I'm not sure which nation adopted it. Interestingly the hashtag seems to be throwing up bot activity. If you want to observe tweet manipulation, or see lots of pictures of a Praktica camera and the repetitious statement - "An old thing becomes new if you detach it from what usually surrounds it" that explains the spirit of Old Stuff Day without actually taking part in Old Stuff Day then go ahead and search #OldStuffDay