Thursday 3 March 2022

'nids part 334 - Tyranid Warriors - White pics

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Tyranid Warriors for what seems like forever now but they're finally done.

These are the five 'new' ones I got 2nd hand off a variety of ebay auctions quite a few years ago now.

They were a mixed bag of condition that I've really pleased show almost no sign of their previous incarnation, paintjob or build quality.

That's the added bonus of nids, any stray glue globules or mould lines can easily be adapted to fit the paint scheme.

The 4 from the right are all 'glow-ups' - 12 year old models that have had their paint scheme refreshed with my awesome current painting skills.

That was the benchmark for these, which I could see the improvement since they were first painted over a dozen years back.

The fact they're all now consistent and almost identical to the lone Warrior is such a relief and feels like an amazing achievement.

Here we go with front, back and side view of each model. There's 36 pics so strap in. First up one of the repaints.

Another repaint, I didn't really touch the bases, so they are subtly different with colours, which feels slightly annoying, but it shouldn't because the ground doesn't always perfectly match.

The Barbed Strangler.

The last of the 'old ones' although I think this was the newest of the bunch, painted a couple of years after the previous three, but still outdated in the scheme.

I may regret some of the basing of the newer ones, as I didn't pin all of them to the slate. I'm sure if I drop them I'll soon find out which ones I was lazy with and only relied on superglue...

Rending Claw Warrior. I do wonder what one would have looked like with the Deathspitter in the upper arm section. I was really surprised to realise I hadn't made that option. Certainly on this model it would make more sense as trying to get those claws down to human [prey] height and not interfere with the gun is a challenge.

Every nid player ends up with a load of infestation nodes [as well as Carnifex head halves and gaunt Spinefists]. Having used them for objectives I now need to start using up the rest on bases.

Still a little annoyed about the green glow on the barrels not being quite in the right place, but I'll live with it.

First of the Lash Whip and Bonesword Warriors. A reminder that these are the Tyrant Guard arms, which I got a sprue of in another ebay auction. 

They're chunkier than the standard Warrior ones and thankfully I don't think that detracts from them or makes them look out of place. The two poses are a bit like they're about to over balance, but I was kind of stuck with their second hand poses.

And there we go, hope you enjoyed the closer look at them, the pics needed to be done for my showcase anyway. Prime white pics next and then we can move onto something new, what could it possibly be?


  1. How did you do the blue armour please

    1. For the full explanation you might want to go back through the work in progress shots and you will find out everything there is to know. Not just the Warriors but all of my Tyranids follow the same recipe:

      Bahama Blue art acrylic [Macragge Blue will do instead]
      Sepia wash [Army Painter Soft Tone or Seraphim Sepia]
      Brown Wash [Army Painter Strong Tone or Agrax Earthshade]
      Turquoise highlight 1 [I use a Pebeo Acrylic Paint, AP Hydra Turquoise could do]
      Turquoise highlight 2 [I use Decoart Turquoise craft acrylic, I haven't found an alternative, sorry].