Friday 4 June 2021

Dark Angels - Deathwing Land Raider Redeemer - Battle damage

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I'm still #paintingwarhammer on my Dark Angels Deathwing Land Raider Redeemer. That's right I've not been put off  again and why would I? I'm painting loads of scratches on my Land Raider. Now this is just Citadel Rhinox Hide, or VGC Charred Brown. In fact I put both on my Pringles lid palette and the slight difference meant there was subtlety to the scratches. I'd only done the scratches on the left hand side at this stage, but sponged on damage  over most of the model.

It was then to go in with some pure white to add highlights to the scratch edges. However, the more I did, the more I felt it was unrealistic in places. So I did not do very much at all. I'll admit this is far from actual realism, but it's more realistic than I'd normally do and artificially adding depth with highlights just seemed too fake.

That said, some of the sponging is proper obvious and yet I couldn't bring myself to find a way to fix it.

The front access door got more chipping and scratches but made me realise how is a Terminator supposed to disembark from this. I know the top bit rises up, but not that much or it'll hit the Assault Cannon and even so the termie will have to duck to get under the door hinge. I won't even mention the Deathwing Sergeant with the massive angel wings on his carapace...

It's at this stage I start to feel it's the final stretch, but there is still loads more to do.

I want to add some sepia stains and marks to add some extra depth to the darker browns I've just added.

I just spotted that Mechanicus symbol needs highlighting, and the nameplate on the engine cover. 

I need to reconcile all the blessed verdigris and decide about the tracks - verdigris and red weathering powder, just weathering powder or none at all?

All the lenses need doing and smoke and heat bloom on respective weapons.

Are there any decals to add - that white/red quartered heraldry is looking mighty empty and clean, maybe even some scratches just to tie it in.

Do these tracks need anything else?

The door is ok, the track fairings work a lot better than the door though.

And do I consider that big number 1 and litany script on the top of the track covers?

I'm stuck though as I have momentum and I'm thinking too much about this. It is now considerably better than I hoped it would be and I must remember I kept on saying not to have high hopes for it as I may never even use it. Even if it was rubbish it'd be finished and it is far from rubbish now. I still wish I had done a massive off-centre angled Deathwing badge on the top but it just wouldn't work with the details on the doors.


  1. Love it mate, great job. As a side note, the gun shields are on backwards but fine as is. The tapered bit fits in the sponson V when fully rotated outwards, but minor point. Gorgeous weathering scratches

    1. Interesting, so they're actually on the wrong sponsons! I didn't build it, it was a swap with my mate years back. There were some build issues with it, the chassis is not centered at all with the tracks, it's noticeable on the back. You can just about see a bigger gap on the left with it. Ideally I wouldn't have chosen a Redeemer, and I actually do have Crusader bolt gun array but swapping it seems like a lot of faffing now... Also the sponson aperture is really rubbishy painted, but hopefully the sponson hides it. I'd have preferred to paint them separately but it's what I have to work with it.

  2. The weathering came out the scratches and attention to detail with where and how they are placed.

    1. Definitely turned out better than I expected. The scratches in particular just manifested as I was doing it, a bit of sponging to help get the starting points and then it was lines and lines - somehow it worked.