Wednesday 23 June 2021

Dark Angels - Ravenwing Talonmaster - basecolours

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity Alongside my Macragge Tactical Squad I've been #paintingwarhammer on my Ravenwing Talonmaster. The metals were finished in conjunction, that Army Painter Strong Tone taking that bronze to a proper aged look in places.

Perhaps too much? But the blessed verdigris will obfuscate things a bit - hide issues, fill in discrepancies. It's a great leveller, I'm not even too proud to suggest it isn't a crutch. But it is more than just that. It adds as well as hides for so little effort.

That relic banner will be a constant annoyance, I have no doubt. It's very fragile and precarious, I suspect it'll snap off repeatedly. I'll have to find a gentle way to transport it. All of the black has been recovered, reds and I'm going to work on the cockpit next.

The irony of doing this, is I wish I was doing more of them. I really like the little compactness of them - the new speeders are just too big. Saying that I'm certain to do more than just this one would probably kill my motivation dead.

What I could do is get those Ravenwing attack bikes ready to prime and then they could waiting in the wings should I still have a Ravenwing itch once this is complete.

It does annoy me that I tried really hard to keep this model as tight as possible, to prevent gaps in the kit, but those angled edges around the cockpit are awful! I should have tried a little harder to smooth them over...

I think I'm feeling the urge to try and rectify that somehow, even if it is a step back I should be happier with the finish before I go on and paint the rest of the model. We'll see.


  1. Coming along quite well, congrats on the results so far!

    1. Ta, a slow-burn project at the moment. I think when some of the others are out of the way though all this small step progress will bear fruit. I'll come back to it and it'll just be the black highlights and glow effects that are in any way a challenge. Everything else will just be fun.