Friday 18 June 2021

Dark Angels - Macragge Tactical Squad - Metallics

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer this Macragge tactical squad. It's funny how coming to the conclusion that these are my priority can overcome the perceived obstacles they face. I've gone on record numerous times about how I find my own brassy bronze recipe a challenge.

I don't know why that is and I don't know why I persist in following the same process knowing full well it can sap my motivation. Thankfully, this is not currently the case and coming to terms with the task had meant I've got the Army Painter Rough Iron [Warplock Bronze] on.

I would normally follow up with Balthasar Gold but it had run our and I used VGC Hammered Copper instead. It is indeed slightly more copper coloured [reddish] than the Citadel paint.

However, as you can see Retributor Gold on top and the forthcoming additional highlight, wash and blessed verdigris will blend/obscure the slightly warmer tone of the VGC paint.

While I was at it I started one of the Aegis Defence Line gun emplacements. It's missing the additional textures I've previously applied to the ADL, Bastions and other terrain elements

But I just wanted to get going and not faff about. I've actually got a couple more of these and the las-cannon turrets to do. If this goes well as is I'll follow up on them. If it feel lacking I'll ensure they get that extra texture.

As I was doing metals, it made sense to do the same on the Talonmaster

Can't wait to get onto tidying all these up. I have an overwhelming belief they'll take much less time than I imagine. I want to be pleasantly surprised, perhaps bottle that feeling and get some other Ravenwing built and prepped and jump onto them too. I have 3 attack bikes afterall and 3 bikes I was going to convert to be Black Knights too.

The extra weapons, master and gunner also got done, but I didn't take pictures. I have this feeling of absolute hobby satisfaction - my mojo is up, I'm motivated and willing I just need time to capitalise on that energy.


  1. Oooooff, the metallics on that Talonmaster are CLASSY.

    1. And you know I was going to muck it all up right? Check out Wednesday's post to see the Talonmaster promoted to its very own blog post. Somehow I've gone from having months of scheduled posts to just 1!