Friday 11 June 2021

Blood Bowl - Halfling Team - Test Model

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've started #paintingwarhammer on my Halfling #BloodBowl team. The Land Raider is paused, while I try to resolve the decal situation and I didn't want to go back to the Titans, so it was test model. I wanted to get some practice on the face and the kit. The face was coming along really well and then I decided to add eyebrows...

Big mistake, I was not taken by them at all. he reminds me of an actor, but I can't place which one, actually is it Scorsese? Anyway, I wasn't having it. I added some orange to the armour plates.

And then yellow to make the 'crackling'. I did brown edging but I may mix that up - some with brown some with all yellow. As you can see I also painted over the eyebrows and despite it being a cheat I think he works much better. I added a little more purple round the nose to get a very flushed face. I also painted some belly fluff, which looks gross and cool and also makes me miss the plain belly I had originally - mixed emotions.

The feet are my least favourite element, I do love the knuckles and elbow though, I got some tips from the Art of War's painting tutorial.

Now I was focussing on one miniature as a test, but as I had excess paint in certain instances I used it on a couple of other players. So I've got the yellow done on this, although I've thinking an addition highlight might be needed. That might work our when I've done the crackling criss-cross.


This guy also got some yellow done. I maybe should have done his dinner plate number badge with the yellow. I may do one some different ones, like a camping plate - ceramic white with blue rim. A silver one etc. Just play around for a bit of fun.


I have to take the plunge and do the pure white highlight on the clothes next in preparation for the fluoro pink. I have to be brave and remember my Tyranid Void Shield Generator efforts and how well they came out.

Really pleased with the test so far. Need to move them along but I am feeling a little drained at the moment and given the pause in the Land Raider really need to focus on what's next...


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    1. Well there's an update on Wednesday which you may like. I haven't touch the 3 of them since then but I think one of them is 85% there. I got motivated for my Dark Angels, and you know how difficult that is for me so I have to act on the impulse now while I feel positive about it. My Macragge Tactical Squad may very well become an 'overnight success, year's in the making' ;)