Wednesday 2 June 2021

Dark Angels - Deathwing Land Raider Redeemer - Moar bone

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity It comes to something when the project you were doing to avoid your most avoidable project becomes so much you tackle the more challenging one. Yes the Deathwing Land Raider Redeemer is back on my painting table.

I have been avoiding this for so long and yet I knew that this next drybrush/stippling of the pale cream colour would potentially solve most of my issues with helping it to progress.

Part elitist snobbery over drybrushing, but also partly genuine  dislike of the finish. But I am going to weather and battle damage it so I'm not entirely sure why I'm fretting.

This is part of the process and a reminder not to judge the model until it is finished. I do now had some new reservations about the inordinate amount of bone. Those two track covers in particular are screaming out for a big 1 on one side and perhaps some litany script with a decorative capital letter on the other.

That'll be another delay as I work out how to do it - print my own decals, make a mask?

Anyway, I think I've managed to get past this initial hurdle to a point where I can think about adding paint chips.

I am also hesitant [again] about the blessed verdigris. I always am. Part of me is always convinced it will spoil the finish but I have to be strong. I'm not going Sanctum Imperialis green so no need to worry so much. I can be selective if I want.

I'm umming and aahing over the [currently unpainted] turret lenses. I have the three choices of:
Tamiya Clear Green X-25
Tamiya Clear Orange X-26
Tamiya Clear Red X-27
Since these pics I basecoated them in Khorne Red in preparation for X-27 but I'm now thinking green would be more interesting. The Deathwing eye lenses are green...

The rest of the lenses are red and orange for sure, it's just the turret ones to think on...


  1. I think the green would make a good contrast for the lenses. Liking the paint job.

    1. Thanks. I did initially go with red, but I will definitely be recolouring them green now.

  2. Great work! I love the look of it, and I sympathize with feelings of "judging a model before it is finished"...

    1. It takes a lot to get past these hang-up sometimes. I'm in a much happier place with it now, I just need to solve some decal issues and it can progress again.

    2. Although there are still some more updates to come before you see where I've paused it again.

  3. Yeah, I'll second the sympathy for judging models before they are done. This LR is coming along great though, no worries.