Monday 21 June 2021

Dark Angels - Macragge Tactical Squad - Shading

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer this Macragge tactical squad. A quick one, but not necessarily quick to get here. After the last post I added the next set of highlights on all the metallics. I also cleaned up some of the green and added red where it needed to be.

Now in most GW tutorials they might have advised and additional coat of Caliban green on all the respective areas but I was adding load of black shade wash so it didn't need to be perfect. I'll be cutting back in with green highlights anyway.

Once that's done I'll also be blending in the darkest areas with black. I say blend, it's just thinned down black that I can easily fade, with some drybrushing in places - did you ever notice you don't get the chalky effect drybrushing black? Worth thinking about for those ultra dark colours.

Note the additional purity seal on the back of the squad leader. The back pack has a load of glue on that banner and a lot of the detail has been obscured. I thought an extra purity seal might just cover up the mess. 

Unfortunately the worst of it is on the front of the backpack, but there just isn't room for another seal to hide things. Hopefully the banner itself will proved a better focus point and maybe the blessed verdigris will hide the rest of it...

Slow but steady progress. Green highlights will be a challenge. If I can set a goal four highlighted in a night that will help me reconcile the remaining tasks. Even so this is far quicker than I expected. I genuinely feared I wouldn't get these done but I'm about a third the way through, here's roughly what's left:
  • Marines bronze
  • Marines blessed verdigris
  • Marines green
  • Marines eyes
  • Marines freehand symbol
  • Marines freehand knees
  • Marines leather pouches
  • Marines purity seals
  • Marines odds & sods
  • Marine face
  • Marine banner
  • Marines bases
  • Marines varnish


  1. They are shaping up well, go go go!

    1. Well this is the easy bit - the broad strokes that provide the biggest results. It's all the detailed bits, plus the extra highlights and shading which is disproportionately time consuming. They'll get there but I have to acknowledge progress will appear slower. That said, couple more weeks perhaps...