Monday 30 September 2019

'nids part 272 - Tyranid VSG part 3

Dreadtober starts tomorrow, but I mentioned the other day I had been sculpting the Tyranid Void Shield Generator and so thought I'd just slip this in before I can start sharing my Dread progress. I had been putting the VSG off, for over 3 years now, purely because I wanted to video how to do some of the tendon bits. I finally did the clip and I desperately want this complete, but among so many other projects Dreadtober included there's quite a competition for my limited hobby time.

Here's how I sculpt a tendon:

And static shots from the completed spine in the video.

The inner spine is [almost] complete though.

It's not perfect by any stretch but after the gloss and Tamiya Clear Red X-27 it doesn't have to be.

My next stumbling block is how it interfaces with the ground. I was going to use some of the wood chips I used on my 'ground-bursting' Trygon but I still need to add some lava stones to look like alien growths. It's a fair bit of work and not without challenges, hence why it has almost caused my renewed efforts to stall...

The emitter node also needs adding to the pen tube so I can then add veins and whatnot before I then try and sculpt the inside of the battlements. 

The black mark is for one extra tendon that needs to be sculpted in place. I've got some concept elements for the battlements - which is an odd situation as in 8th edition the building rules are far more streamlined now with less room for interpretation. It's still possible to position models in the standard Imperial VSG but nowadays this would probably be considered modelling for advantage. 

I mean I did specifically build it to fit a brood of Devgaunts in but that was perfectly legitimate with the prescribed rules in 7th. Anyway, I doubt it's ever going to a tournament so it's not really an issue.

Anyway, not sure when/if I'll do some more on this, Dreadtober is my focus but I will have some extra hobby time between writing this and it's scheduled publish date, so I might have one update soonish or none for six months to two years...😂

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  1. Very cool and original! It's going to make a great piece when it all comes together. Stick with it!

    1. Thanks, it's a different mindset for sculpting so it is a bit of a struggle just to get things out and give it a go. I've added some tissue paper and PVA in places which hasn't quite gone to plan, but I'm pretty sure it'll come right in the end, I just have to move past the negative perception and trust it will be all positive eventually.

      Ultimately it's pointless anyway. I'm highly unlikely ever to use it so perfection is completely unnecessary. It really should be about having it done and when I look at my other Tyranid Fortifications I forget quite what an undertaking they were and the reward is truly in the output, not necessarily the outcome.

      The end result is currently faithful to the concept and it will be just as good as all my other constructs so fussing over the minutiae is pointless.

  2. Haha, I'll await the bi-annual VSG update then... ;) Taking as long as me with a Titan!

    1. Hopefully sooner than that, but you never know. There's plenty of elements I'm itching to sculpt and really not a huge lot to do. I'm sure just 4 or 5 hours would get me to basing/priming stage. Even twice as long as that wouldn't be much investment, but like I say it's a mindset thing and trying to fit it in with everything else clamoring for my attention - I want to do everything - such is the addiction.