Monday 15 January 2018

Terrain is everything - 40k future container scatter terrain - To Done!

Following on from the Deathwatch and the sentinels I finished up two future containers. These pieces of scatter terrain have been knocking around for years. Whereas I'd completed six of them and been using them in games these two had stalled because I wasn't convinced about the weathering I'd done and my reluctance to tackle the OOCL logo I was set on branding them with.

But with my AoP board relying on these sorts of items to sell the storage facility theme [and not being in a position to get some Munitorum Containers] I had a crack at finishing them off. Thankfully Typhus Corrosion and my efforts at sponge weathering on my Bastions and Drop Pods meant fixing the weathering was a doddle. Equally the OOCL logo was much easier than I had feared, mainly because it was just an 'L' shape and a series of circles I stamped on with a pencil rubber and then cleaned up afterwards. A couple of stnecilled numbers and some weight details completed the effect I was after.

I've three more of these Mentos Cube boxes left, they haven't even been converted yet but I would love to find time to get these done to add to the set. Yellow MSC containers and an orange one perhaps? Anyway, that's enough self-congratulations, well, except for my Great Big Gamboge Stamp of Approval. However, I've just finished my two Ripper bases which will need To Done! pics but you'll be pleased to know the blog will be back to WiP pictures for the foreseeable future ;)

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