Wednesday 10 January 2018

Deathwatch To Done! pt1

I took a shedload [literally, I was in the shed] of pictures of the Deathwatch so I've spread it over three posts over the next three days.

These were a real challenge as each model has so much detail on, far more than a standard Deathwatch Marine, so I was glad to finally get them done.

I'm pleased with the result, a little shocked how busy they all are when the over-riding image of the Deathwatch is black, a silver arm and one coloured shoulder pad.

I threw in a lot of extra colours, which might have been a mistake, maybe I'll find out when I eventually paint up the other set.

I've still to play a game of Deathwatch Overkill with both the completed Kill Team and the Hybrids, I think it'll look fantastic when I do.

I'm just going to let the following shots speak for themselves until the individual model views.

A tale of two pairs of eyes - Ortan Cassius = hate [too much eye shadow], Jensus Natorian = love [its either ethereal glow or crazy Ultimate Warrior make-up, regardless I think it's awesome]

I hate the belted kilts on models, I can never paint them well at all. Dubious purple lizard skin on the Salamander.

Love the Raven Guard, again the eyes on the Blood Angel are dubious. This time no heavy outline but the pupils stand out weird. I tried blue irises but it just didn't work. They're far from bad but just look odd.

Dark Angel came out alright, Power Swords are always an issue. Drenn Redblade however, I'm embarrassed to admit, is my favourite and he's a Space Wolf. It was such a happy accident to actually paint his Chainsword red, the official painted model isn't. I keep forgetting all the names so to paint it red and find out he's called Redblade just made it even more special.

Ennox Sorrlock and Rodricus Grytt. I was pleased with Ennox's skintone, just a little different to fit with the Iron Hands, didn't do his eye but I'm happy with it nontheless. Rodricus came out OK too.

Lastly Jetek Suberei.

He's actually missing some red weathering powder on the wheels for the Ferron dust kicked up by his travels. I'll have to remember when I do my next lot of Ravenwing

Some elements really worked on this guy, some look a little messy but he was the model I was least looking forward to as bikes can be so depressing.

So the success despite the morale check is worth far more than it should be, and for that reason - Great Big Gamboge Stamp of Approval! More pictures to follow, individual front, side and back profiles, then some phone shots.

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