Friday 19 January 2018

Dark Angels - Tanks - Predator progress

Over the last few months where I can I've been adding a little bit here and there to my two Dark Angels Tanks. Both original Rogue Trader models but the Razorback has some modern bits on and is slightly converted. I've finished the bronze metallics, up to first wash stage and then at this point I put it on hold.

The Predator was at the same stage but as I thought it would be part of my Dark Angel GT3 list it was worthy of additional attention beyond where the Razorback stalled.

Waaargh Flesh was used to stipple highlight the green, like my Drop Pods, Bastion and Crashed Aquila Lander. But this makes it too sage/moss green and I want something a little warmer

This time I used the Waywatcher Green Glaze, which you can see gives it a yellow tint.

I took this picture after a second coat which looked weird, because it was on a pale background it had shifted the colours

So I took another pic on the Labatts beer towel and you can see how the second coat of Waywatcher Green Glaze has made it richer.

Which is all a bit moot as this is the most accurate for colour. The company number was cut out of paper as a stencil, stippled on gently and then tidied up freehand because the stencil was far from perfect.

As I looked at the model I had sudden doubts about adding chapter symbols freehand, so quickly glued on a Ravewning upgrade sprue winged sword on the front and a drop-pod chapter symbol on the hull at the back. I added highlights to the company number and painted on a company badge. I had shaved a drop pod symbol plate for this but felt completely freehand would work best.

But I felt it needed some red so I added a Heavy Support marking and 'underlined' it on the rectangular block below it.

Which meant the 5 had to be underlined. It's a bit heavy-handed but I needed something to lift it up. Alongside all the oaths of moment scrawled on the sides it's enough detail added.

The top view manages to show some balance between both side of the turret.

Next up - battle damage and weathering.

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