Wednesday 17 January 2018

'nids part 236 - Trygon - Chitin highlights

Work continues to be split among the 'nids and Dark Angels. I managed to finish all the first Chitin highlights on the Trygon's tail and I havevn't gone mad in the process!

I then allocated some time, while flitting between the Predator and Land Speeder to 2nd highlight the head and largest back carapce.

The first two carapace plates are done and two vent stacks [they're so fiddly to do].

The chest and abdomen plates, two small talons and one of the largest [three to go] and all the tail.

Cut to the following night and the back, all the talons and 85% of the tail is now done but this pic is just to compare and contrast how the painting style has evolved since I first started. I'd love to redo the original but there are tones and patterns there I don't want to lose.

Next up - finish the tail, highlight black, highlight fleshy bits, toxin glow effects and the detritus on the base. Nearly done!

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