Wednesday 29 November 2017

'nids part 226 - Trygon & Genestealer Broodlord/Patriarch - Red Planet BASE!

A nice step-by-step Red Planet BASE! for the Trygon and Broodlord here, although there are already a couple of tutorials for how I base my models already in the tutorials tab at the top. At this stage it's just the Red Oxide Primer.

Here's the Strong Tone wash. You may be wondering a little about the basing materials around the 'eruption' area. These are constructed from BBQ wood chips. I have a bag of them but my BBQing is terribly infrequent and my wife isn't fond of me messing about with them, so I just figured they'd make ideal bits of ground burst effect. I could have tried to achieve the same effect with small bits of slate but the natural curves and angular chips seemed ideal so thought I'd give it a go.

It's obviously not a complete ground eruption, more an impact as the Trygon 'sidewinds' across Ferron Proxima. Its far from a scientific recreation but it looks almost representational so I'm quite pleased. Anyway, Vermilion highlight next

Second highlight

Oops, missed a step, second highlight followed by the final Pumpkin Craft Acrylic highlight. Just Bonewhite chips to add, but that will happen during the rest of the painting, but for now it's done.

The Broodlord is the same - Red Oxide.

Strong Tone wash.

Vermilion drybrush.

1st highlight [Vermilion and Pumpkin mix, don't know the ratio]

2nd highlight [moar Pumpkin]

With the broodlord detached.

The final set of Pumpkin highlights.

Both detached.

I'm really impressed with how much detail I was able to get on the drybrush of the untextured base, I'm sure it'll end up scuffed and damaged over time though :(

Anyway, badges! I get another two Big Build badges for completing my bases. OK I know my bases need edging and the bone chips but they get done later in the process, so for me this element is complete. Interestingly in last year's Great Build this was a badge just for priming the model! Then I realised I was thinking of it as 'prime and base' but as I can't base without priming it became pointless to reward the inevitable. Anyway, two badges. Washes on the base colours next and then I need to take a moment to review progress and plans...

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