Friday 24 November 2017

Whats on my palette?

Bless me readers for I have sinned, it's been nearly 2 months since my last confession.

I feel like I've been pretty productive, although under close inspection it might not seem that way. I've completed the Deathwatch, my Dreadtober Genestealer Cult Sentinels and finished off some future containers. That's not actually a lot and I've still to do proper To Done pics/posts of all those. But these successes, such as they are, left me without an obvious project to jump into. I've flitted here and there between things I had started but progress has been minimal, or at least hasn't 'felt' significant. I feel a sense of 'raging ambivalence, or 'obsessive dissatisfaction' - I'm just not loving doing it as none of them have become my muse. But in reality whatever I've done will indeed pay dividends further down the line as they'll all be closer to completion when I do set all my attention on them [you know the drill by now].

Dark Angels Rhino and Predator 

The two Dark Angels tanks have received some panel shading with Dark Tone and had two sets of highlights on the metalwork. I've got another highlight, followed by some shade washes and then it'll be to focus on the green. There isn't actually a huge amount to do on these so they could be a quick win but I'm just not 'feeling' them enough to dedicate them all my attention.

Space Hulk Brood Lord & Trygon 

These two guys, as you know have just come on the radar. Right now I'm blissfully unaware of the horrors that await me painting all the Chitin highlights on the Trygon. However, much like the Dark Angels tanks I can visualise roughly how much work is involved to get these completed and although there is still the lion's share left ont hem for some reason I also see them as a quick win. I may split them to go 'between projects'.

 Ferron Fire Firs

After my can of Simoniz Red Oxide Spray malfunctioned I picked up a smaller 400ml can of Hycote. It covered both the Tyranids and then 80% of my Ferron Fire Firs so I've ordered another can of spray. This was very much at the forefront of what I wanted to finish before the can went bust, but the actual amount of work involved and just how much time it'll take me away from the other tasks means it may stall at the priming stage. Coupled with the fact games at my house are a rarity anyway investing my time and effort in something for no functional reason seems a little short-sighted.

Ravenwing Land Speeder Dark Shroud 

This has been sat on the shelf for far too long. As I wrestled with the magentising aspect a conclusion became essential as both the Dark Shroud and Vengeance platform are now viable. I solved the magnet problem by leaving the Vengeance Plasma Battery as push fit and just magenetising the underneath of the Dark Shroud relic to the top of the control station [I'll show it in future pics]. The urgency for this is it may form part of my GT3 Dark Angels list, should I take the Dark Angels. The single Land Speeder Typhoon was handy, but I think this would be a better alternative and offer more benefits for cheaper. Unfortunately GT3 is in February so I have 2.5 months to get this guy done and it's not even primed. It's doable but there's pressure involved which is both helpful and unwanted.


What the flip? Yeah I know... This is so left field and off list I don't even have a picture to illustrate it. Bottom line I'm also debating taking the Tyranids to GT3. I have two lists at the moment, though pretty similar one is based on a Brigade and another on two Battalions. But they both require two broods of 3 Rippers [cheap troops] and I only have four Ripper bases. Therefore I'll need to make two up. I've one brood part painted already, my son did them around five years ago. The other will be a little bit different, a stop-gap solution to the Forgeworld inspired kitbash/press-mold version I'd been planning for ages. 

Movement trays

Another task that may present itself should I choose to take the nids is the adoption of movement trays. There are no two ways about it I'll probably end up with a couple of big broods of Termagants and I need to be much quicker than I currently am to fit in a full game and movement trays may help with that. These from seem like the best solutions to me. You have the Tervigon/Trygon brood tray and four random blobs of 10. They're about £8 each but will still require a bit of sanding, basing and painting to be truly happy and I haven't even bought them yet...

Regardless it's another task and I need to find a way to manage the projects and prioritise what I'm doing. GT3 is only 2.5 months and if my post-Christmas malaise hits like usual I could find things very difficult to get done in time.

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