Monday 20 November 2017

NMTBW Painting Competition

Alex continuse to run four painting competitions - Best Conversion, Best Character, Best Vehicle/Monster and Best Army. The one caveat is you can only enter one categroy, meaning we don't have a single person sweeping the board - Liam. Although amusingly Alex did suggest everyone should see which category I was entering in and then choose another one. Amusingly this may be the 4th or 5th time I've entered into Alex's painting competition and NOT won something, perhaps my reputation exceeds my achievements ;)  Anyway, Best Conversion and this amazig scratchbuilt Taurox.   

Then these brilliantly converted Tyranids who were made by Graham Sanders.

The Zoanthrope 'jellyfish' made out of aquarium ornaments were particularly cool, hence why he won the category.

Tanks and I think this is a Land Raider Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer painted up by my second round opponent Thomas Capper.

Cleanly painted replica of the Renegade Knight from the much missed game... Renegade Knight

A nice Dune Crawler.

Daemon Prince

Domitar-Ferrum Class Battle Automata

Ben's Leman Russ, which went on to scoop first prize.

Best Characters

Liam - 'going big or going home' with his Mortarion, which went on to win.

My display in best army. I really need to look ata a smaller display board for these events

An amazing Alpha Legion. These colours speak to my love of high contrast, yeloow and black with orange, yummy.

Toby Lidiard's Custodes. Toby scooped the prize by one vote, putting me in second. Which when I mentioned to Ben I voted for Toby's army he suggested in future I might not want to vote for what I think is the Best Army as they're my direct competition but I'm a fair believer in Toby's mantra "let the hobby be the winner".

A great selection of armies and it was interesting during the voting when someone asked if you could vote for yourself. I pointed out to them that it must be acceptable, politicians always vote for themselves in an election so feel free to follow their example... he promptly started to look at other candidates ha, ha :)

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