Thursday 2 March 2017

Old Stuff Day 2017

It's old stuff day 2017. A few years ago now warhammer39999 wanted to join a movement to rediscover lost gems from the world of hobby blogs. To choose one of your own blogposts that your most proud of, or may not have got the attention it deserved or any thing that may warrant some necromantic blogpost bothering. On top of that you were to share blogposts from other bloggers which you thought deserved the same spotlight of attention before they were returned to their dark nightmare infested slumbers.

Last year I managed to cover all my bases by just pointing you to the previous years Old Stuff Day posts - treasure trove of lost gems. This year I'm going to point you all to my Showcase page. I'm constantly looking through my blog, searching for my To Done pictures I thought it made sense to try and collate them in one spot. Although technically it's new it does link to all my old stuff and once again reminds me I've painted a bucketload of stuff these past 6+ years, something my teen self could never have dreamed of. I'm not sure if I've got everything yet but so far it's pretty comprehensive:

I also wanted to share this battle report from Throne of Skulls last year. Again it's a post I keep referring back to - playing the oh-so competitive nids against four Imperial Knights [with the extra benefits their formation brings] and destroying three out of the four knights was pretty special. The game was in the balance for a number of reasons but it definitely reminds me that you can still pull off a satisfying result against even the worst odds.
Game 2 Imperial Knights.

Lastly, forgive my indulgence but I thought it timely to explain why the Birthday Bash meant so much to me. It's been 4 years since my Dad was taken from is, I still miss him and I see him more in my own face in the mirror as I get older. It's just one of the hose things though.

So here are some of the old posts I've stumbled upon or recalled their outright genius from other bloggers since the last Old Stuff Day. I thought you all should be made aware of them and to scurry away and discover these perhaps forgotten gems.

First up are two connected posts regarding pointillism and stippling in your painting, sprocketssmallworld has a link to the massivevoodoo post so they're both here as they're awesome. Stippling is something I've adopted, both for my metallics and some armoured vehicles to approximate texture and therefore hide any poor highlighting thanks to the uneven stippling. Additionally using pointillism - mainly on my stealers and nids has added a next level of detail. It can be fiddly, it feels like a lot of effort to put very little paint on the model but it can just raise the quality far beyond the effort involved, check 'em out.

How can you have an Old Stuff Day without referencing Ron From The Warp? The original grand-daddy of hobby blogging, the benchmark by which we all measured ourselves and aspired to be. Think back to when you might have been added to his blog roll, now that felt like an achievement. Ron returned recently with a Space Hulk blog that sadly seems to have disappeared back into the warp but the original blog remains and it's as valid and packed with treasures as it always was. If you're new to hobby blogging and don't know about From The Warp, you're forgiven as soon as you  investigate it's awesomeness, it's a reward more than a penance. However, this post is less entertainment and more a stark reminder as folk are still to this day suffering the effects of frosting and it's 7 years on. Just stop with the Purity Seal, learn from this!

It was Mr Pink who first showed me how it was possible to sculpt sculpt Tyranid terrain pieces. Without his Tyranid Defence Line [even before Fortifications became a unit choice] I'd have not tried my own, which would have not led to my Tyranid Bastion, Capillary Towers/Skyshield Landing pad and my more recent ongoing Void Shield Generator. So I've included the link below in honour of the huge inspiration to my own efforts. Alongside that is a more recent post from last year where Mr Pink painted some Sector Imperialis bases in a style that is just gorgeous. There's a fully fledged tutorial for you to follow

Another recent post that snuck into my 'Old Stuff Day' gems is from Ross Graham. It's a cheap DIY dice tray. When we can we like to dice roll in boxes and this seems like a really cool tray. IKEA is a day out for me but I may consider doing something inspired by this, but maybe with bigger sides. Regardless, you can follow the guide or remix it to suit your own needs as I probably will.

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