Monday 13 March 2017


I've been tied up with a number of intensive but dull projects recently. They haven't been particularly photogenic but as a potential hurdle came up I was lucky enough to sidestep onto my Deathwatch. In truth it wasn't just the Deathwatch but I'll do some micro-blog posts on those just so I keep them separate. The main focus is - METAL! First and second basecoats - Warplock Bronze and Balthasar Gold.

Ironically, as I jump ship on one project as I approach a hurdle I face a completely different hurdle on the Deathwatch that had kept me from progress - the silver left arm. So I did a few tests on some back packs. From the left was 
  1. Bahama blue, drybrushed silver with a Bahama Blue wash
  2. Silver, Army Painter Strong Tone wash [Agrax equivalent]
  3. Gun Metal, Bahama Blue Wash
  4. Gun Metal, Army Painter Strong Tone wash

So I deduced a Silver base with a Bahama Blue Wash [none of the above] would potentially give me the look I was after. I added the silver and did a Runelord Brass highlight on the brass bits.

I did a rough drybrush with Valejo Shining Gold and after this hit it with a sepia Soft Tone wash.

I've been doing so much metal work recently. I wish I could either get my recipes down or accept that the metals are going to be different because despite a certain sense of success I find the metal process quite dispiriting. There's still lots to do on these, some more Warplock bronze and Gunmetal not to mention the various other projects I'm moving on with their metals too, come back Wednesday to find out.

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