Friday 17 March 2017

'nids part 209 - Genestealer cult - Hybrid METAL!

With Warplock Bronze on the brush I started the METAL! on my Hybrids. Their weapons are going to be distressed gun metal but I start with bronze just to get a dirty base.

You should be able to pick out some Gun Metal debris too. I want a variety to the METAL! in the army so I'm throwing in a mix of starting points just to make it different and interesting.

1st and 2nd gen [still can't remember which are acolytes and which are neophytes] also had some METAL! added. They need orange fatigues to mix up the rabble too and bring them up to the same stage as their younger generations.

Slowly, slowly, little bits here and there so it's not much to see but tiny bits of progress. It's not overly pleasant mainly because I'm not batch painting just 12 models, there's 28 here, not to mention the 12 in Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius, the five Assault Squad guys and the 13 Ravenwing bikers. Essentially I have 58 models on the go and it feels like hard work. Normally I'd be finding a way to flit between tasks to mitigate any feeling of discontent but the current METAL! work is blurring that distinction.

The solution has been to take a break when I feel like it, not paint of an evening if the prospect fills me with dread. However, I think if I mix up the elements I'm painting - orange fatigues or grey hazard suits I may well feel more productive. These are menial basecoating tasks but they give the impression/illusion[?] of significant progress and that makes me feel productive, which in turn makes me feel happier. It really is important to remember when the compulsion is there but the feeling isn't you have to try all sorts of tricks on your own mind. I wouldn't say I've lost my mojo by any means but every element is a challenge and failure to acknowledge the challenge and seek to overcome will rapidly allow it to overcome you.

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