Friday 24 March 2017

Dark Angels - Ravenwing aged METAL!

What a difference a day makes... actually the difference is marginal but pivotal. I have applied 'liquid gold' my Army Painter Strong Tone and all the doubts I had about the brass effect has been resolved. You can see how unrealistic and 'blobby' the gold paint had been on the left model. However, I washed half my Ravenwing with Strong Tone and you can see just how much the wash has evened things out and brought the sheen down to manageable levels. It's filled me with confidence and with all the METAL! brought to the same point I'm eager to move things on.

I did need to resupply all my washes just in case - £7.50 added to my growing hobby spends but I still think it's the best value available

With the bronze/brass done is finally moving onto the black. This basecoat should be mind-numbingly unpleasant but having suffered through the previous METAL phase the simplicity of a basecoat is wildly appealing. I’m not daft though and after 30 minutes getting this guy’s basecoat completed I recalled that the process is much easier if I break it down further – do all the wheels, then the wheel fairings, the marine, then all the other bits and it seems less onerous. It’s still going to be around 13.5 hours on a process I’m not sure I even need to do. I have some recollection having done this last time with the Ravenwing bikers that after the highlights I shaded it with black [much easier than blending the highlights]. So I essentially covered up all the black anyway.

That said there’s nothing like having a reset and starting from a tidy point having covered up all the previous processes mistakes. So although it might be a waste of time and effort I’m just going to enjoy the monotony but very evident progress in basecoating the black.

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