Wednesday 15 March 2017

Dark Angels - Ravenwing and Assault Squad METAL!

I was reminded a few times at the Birthday Bash I did not have enough Ravenwing - well I was running all I had painted but these are WiP. They're on my To Do List and all of them have had Balthasar Gold and Runelord Brass highlights. The paintwork is shocking but I trust washes and subsequent highlights and verdigris will mitigate any problesm, in fact they'll probably obscure most of the effort. The process is flawed, far from efficient and one of the reasons I have grown to dislike painting brass [despite my initial enjoyment when I first started my drop pod so many moons ago]. Still, once the bronze bits are done I can then start on tidying up and doing the black - just as unpleasant no doubt ;)

I also added some highlights on the Assault Squad. They're very low priority but it's just tacking on some progress as I had the paint going. Hopefully when they do suddenly take centre stage in earnest, I'll have once again stolen a significant head-start and find progress swift and enjoyable.

I did some moar METAL which I'll fill you in on on Friday...

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