Monday 20 March 2017

Yet moar pics from GW Manchester

I was passing by GW Manchester the other day so had to nip and photographanything of interest, you're all worth it! This doggy was really cool.

A REALLY big dreadnought - Bjorn the Fellhanded?

Such a subtle stule of painting, no dark contrast edges like I usually do. This impresses me so much.

That new Eldar G.O.D. thing, Yncarrne?

The other dude.

and the lady and her cat!

The rest of the Eldar host, with some pretty cool jetbikes and their bases.

Some cool AoS Urruks.

Again an impressive style.

Some weird Tau/Necron/Chaos hybrid.

The scale and ingenuity of the conversions are insane.

Even the little drones are pretty cool and the bases are fab too.

Lets not overlook the quality of the painting as well

The muted purple with the yellows, greens and deep glossy red, really cool

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