Sunday 10 July 2016

'nids part 198 - 31 Genestealers

With the Dark Angel Jetfighter done I should be in a bit of a slump but for some reason I immediately cracked on with some Genestealers.

I managed to get some arms done and suddenly I could see the timescale ahead.

I started on some of the metallic elements on the bases too.

This meant I was able to do the first set of Bonewhite highlights in 7 days, 11 days ahead of schedule. I could then see another 7 for the second highlights plus the remaining days making 18 days until completion. With 9 weeks until the end of the hobby season that was two sessions a week

Or, just crack on with them as the next project, complete them in 18 days and then see where I get with the next thing I think I can manage in what time is left...


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    1. Indeed, its a very unique roll I'm on at the moment, a last minute surge to try and make my season look a little more impressive.

      However this wasn't supposed to be posted today so I'm a flawed machine, ha, ha!

  2. When the inspiration strikes it is best to take it and run! Bravo.

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    1. Actually it's 7, I was working it out wrong...!

    2. I always think that I am going to get time to paint stuff during my winter school holidays, but it never works out that way ;-)

  4. I'm starting to thing you actually have some genestealers DNA in your Dave.

    Hmm, nothing to do? Genestealers.