Sunday 3 July 2016

Dark Angels - Jetfighter - None more black?

I've been struggling to accept the black on the Jetfighter. It's still not the flat matt black I hoped it to be and all the efforts with watered Army Painter black and Abaddon and resulted in a finish I wasn't 100% happy with, not even 80%. I even tried thinned black with Lahmian Medium and even Army Painter Dark Tone [black] all of these produce 'tide marks' which you should be able to make out below.

Eventually th best result, or the least offensive to me involved adding Citadel Technical black primer to the centre, then 'drybrushing' it overthe edges. Now the Technical paint can be a bit funny. It needs a vigourous shake, there's thick black sludge and thin black but I've found the thin black goes on wet and can be pushed around with an old brush. The brush I have is quite wide and flat but with a rounded tip. It's about 8-10mm wide and the bristles are quite gummed up - that measn I can be quite forceful with it. With a flat blade I cut in thin areas and also blend wider bits.

It's by no means perfect and I'm sure my matt varnish will add countless tide marks too. With hindsight I should have stuck with my idea to texturize the fuselage, but it just didn't look right. However, a rough texture hides a multitude of sins and I must have painted the black about 4 times with successive thinned coats to get the black with only the Technical paint even approaching satisfactory. I;d even tried it in the past without joy but this time I at least wasn't offended by the result.

Finally, some Dark Reaper has been added to the edges and joints for the extra highlight. Some further pin highlights will be added on some of the most prominent edges, but I don't want it to be too bright, so it will be quite sparing.

The Jetfighter still has a way to go.
  1. I've still got the underside of the wings to blend. 
  2. Then it's 2nd highlights. 
  3. Then pin lights. 
  4. Then patina AND weathering. 
  5. SFX (need to decide on colours for vent lights and the colour of the rift cannon). 
  6. Other lenses and lights. 
  7. Markings and litanies... 
And there was me thinking I was getting close to finished!

Anyway, quick mock up for the Rift Cannon, what colour do you think is best? Answers in the comments


    1. I like the contrast of the green light. That would look groovy :-)

    2. Purple, dunno why but it caught my attention far more than the others.

    3. Green, stands out the most and looks the most evil, as many peeps who has faced necron will state 😀

    4. Green, stands out the most and looks the most evil, as many peeps who has faced necron will state 😀

    5. Another vote for green here. Absolutely love how the wings turned out, that looks fantastic - good stuff, man!

    6. Fantastic looking black panels imho. And a vote for green, nasty warp sickly hued green ;)

    7. Cheers guys, green was going to be the one I thoght was most likely but red was that one that mad more sense from the pics [especially as my Vortex templates are 2 red and 1 green].

      But what I;ve done is held off on it and for now I can live with it minus a firing OSL and take on board your thoughts and reach a conclusion at a later date.