Thursday 7 July 2016

Dark Angels - Jetfighter - TO DONE!

With a bit of a push I finally got this bad boy done. There are definitely things that have not gone according to plan, more on them later but overall I'm really pleased.

Much like the Ravenwing bikers before it the end result, although maybe not what I imagined has become something beyond my expectations and I can't wait to see it alongside the bikes and the Land Speeders too.

I haven't added the Rift Cannon glow, I appreciate the opinions, it looked like green was the winner. I may well add it in at a later date but for now it's just not firing.

The jets worked out OK though.

But here's where we can begin to address the elephant in the room. Having been disappointed with the brush strokes in the Anti-shine it was time to try a new approach. I got out my air brush, don#t you just hate it when you put something in the 'hard to access place' because you don't plan on using it for a while!

As you can see the effect is a little mixed. The end result although not frosted is a little 'dusty'. Now I asked on the 'eavier metal' facebook group if it could go in undiluted but unusually got no response. So I went in neat...

Now I started underneath as I thought I'd have less to lose. I was very careful with the varnish and I think I managed to cover up almost all the brush strokes.

As you can see close up it's really flat, just what I was aiming for.

So I was buoyed with confidence.

Then I think I got carried away, opened up the nozzle a bit too much and ended up with this rather grainy 'sandstone' finish. I mean it;s not ruined, it's just not right either. In different light it's certainly less noticeable but it's a learning experience so I'll suck it up and be more careful in the future.

I was finally able to glue the pilot and canopy in place too.

The base in all it's glory.

And the other side too.

Close up of the stasis cell.

The tail.

The stasis cell crystal roof, glowing baleful red from the prison interior. 

And in it's Jetfighter configuration.

Blackthorn missiles.

Such a better silhouette on the Jetfighter.

Three stripes on the left side. 

Litanies on the right, all done in Dark Reaper, they have the sense not to litter their craft with text that will show up too easily.

Twin linked las-cannon configuration.

The obligatory phone pic will be in a separate post tomorrow, for reasons!

So that's another one off the list, and a really great achievement. I actually have a new found acceptance of the real world price of this flyer. I think it may well be worth the £45, because next to my Cerastus it's pretty big so makes a pretty cool centrepiece [although a Doom Scythe is equally impressive and is only £27.50...].

That said though I was deeply disappointed to see the boxset mine came in - the Dark Angles, Dark Vengeance Expansion is no longer available. Rumours suggested all factions would be getting 'start collecting' boxes so clearly this is a move towards the Dark Angel variety. Sadly I think it's a mistake as most starter boxes are £50-£60 and this was an £85 box, or you could get Dark Vengeance for £65, split the figures and you had a decent starting force for £30ish. Either way you're bringing in more money for the expansion or selling out of stock for the main game as rumours suggest 8th is due next September. Reboxing them now is just additional cost. Oh and the Ravenwing battleforce has gone too...

Still TO DONE!


  1. Very nice Dave :) i wouldnt worry about the dusty effect to much, you can't tell form the photos. Tbh everybody will be marbleling at the effects of the wings! Ahah hah ha

  2. It's looking really good :) The dust effect is not visible from the distance and I wouldn't bother but it is easy to say about not your own model :D

  3. Lovely, the marbling effect in particular is very impressive!

  4. Lovely work, great to see the flyer completed, I think it looks rather fab

  5. Great work. The red marble wings look fantastic. So many great details throughout it.

  6. Brilliant work, man - absolutely love how that turned out!